"I hope you still like daisies"

A few weeks ago, on a Thursday at around 6pm, i was getting ready to go out to celebrate a friend's birthday. My evening was fully packed.
  1. Get ready and buy flowers.
  2. Leave Bangsar before rush hour
  3. Pick up cake in Kelana Jaya
  4. Pick up friend in Shah Alam
  5. Meet up friend in Seksyen 7 and leave to Klang together
  6. Pick up friend in Klang
  7. Surprise, bruhh
My evening was very time sensitive and everything was on track. Till i got a text from another friend:

"Awak. I got hit by a motorbike just now."

What. What. What?! I took some time to digest that. Then i started getting ready as fast as i could and rushed to her. On the way, I alerted my friends i was supposed to meet up later that night that we have to push the plans a couple of hours later. 

My friend was hit by a motorbike right in front of Wisma MPL when she was crossing a four-lane road. The motorbike hit the right light and didn't see her. Thankfully, she was alright with minor scratches here and there. When i picked her up from Wisma MPL, it was almost 7pm and nearby clinics were closed. So we went straight to Prince Court's A&E for a checkup. As what you should do if you get into an accident. We spent a couple of hours there and then i sent her back to her car.

I then rushed to do the remaining tasks for the day and my day wrapped at about 1.30am.

A week later, that friend who got into an accident came over to my place and brought a tiny bouquet of flowers, "This is for you for helping me out the other day. I hope you still like daisies."

I was hit by a ton of emotions when she said that. I don't know how to describe how it made me feel because the feeling was so complex, in a good way. I felt touched. Happy. Sappy. Appreciated. Yes, definitely appreciated. We do all sorts of things for the people we love without needing any sort of recognitions because we do things out of pure love. But once in awhile, it feels really good and heartwarming to know what we mean to other people.

Love confessions aren't only acceptable in romantic relationships. You can confess in platonic relationships too. And if you're not good with words, translate it to a form of gesture and make it obvious. 

I still love daisies. Deep down inside, i kinda cried that you even remembered my favourite flower but of course, i held my tears back. I guess it has been some time since i last felt loved and appreciated. I love you too, Em. So much.


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