5 Things That Happened During MCO

My MCO isn't as interesting as everyone else's. I don't pick up planting, i don't cook everyday, nonetheless, i still wanna show you what i've been doing.

1. I work.

I don't have any decent picture to prove this. Within the past month, my team conducted several online bootcamps and i was the host of the Zoom session. This means that i was very, very busy throughout MCO. If you didn't know, working from home and managing online program is way more draining than a physical class, for whatever reason. I spoke about this at length in my previous post

2. I bake!

My mom has picked up amazing baking skills earlier this year. So at home, we hardly buy Gardenia anymore. Whenever we need/crave for bread, we would just make our own. Uuuu look! I made these myself (with my mom's guidance, obvs)

When we have leftover slices that have gone stale, we turn them into bread pudding! But for the life of me, i don't remember why i didn't top this slice with the custard sauce. Oops.

I made french toast topped with chocolate drizzle. 

3. I bought a condenser microphone!

Before you jump into conclusions-- no, i don't sing. I don't fancy my own voice. I'm planning my own little project but i think it is still too early for me to reveal anything yet. Will tell you later when it's ready!

I would like to familiarize myself with sound mixing and editing so i got myself a cheap-cheap condenser. I bought one from Shopee and for the price, it is very decent! <3

4. I got scammed by a Lazada seller!

I hate online shopping. I can literally count how many times i have purchased things via online. I just have this enormous trust issues with buying things online. How do you buy things you haven't physically seen in front of you? How do you buy clothes you haven't even touched?-- and the list goes on. So when MCO first started in March, i foresaw that there would be a lot of online meetings and i didn't have a good working headphone. Now with all stores closed, online shopping is somewhat the most logical solution to getting one. So i took a leap of faith and bought myself a Sony headphone. I initially wanted to get a really good one around RM200 per headphone but i thought the ante would be too high and i can't risk it. I ended up buying a RM30+ Sony headphone. After about a week of waiting, the parcel finally arrived.


Yes, friends. I got a powerbank instead of a Bluetooth headphone. How now brown cow?

5. I got myself a pair of new glasses!

The sudden hike in my screentime has caused my eyestrain to triple, guys. I literally went to sleep at night because my eyes couldn't take it anymore and not because I'm sleepy or tired or anything. My eyesight has been bad since i was 9 but growing up, i just find glasses to be annoying to be troublesome. So i wore glasses on and off.

A couple of weeks ago, i felt like i couldn't take it any longer so i went to an optometrist and i got a pair of new glasses with the blue-light reflector thing. I legit don't know what it's called but it's the computer lens thing. And voila! Since i was a child, i kept wearing rectangular-framed glasses-- which is why i opted for the round glasses this time around.

Btw, this is an Instagram filter. I heard that the Japanese writing translates to something awful but i really can't be bothered I'm sorry. 


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