Life Update

For someone who claims to not travel a lot, i did travel more than i could handle in 2019 and now i kinda need a break from it. I feel old and tired and now i need to get myself together. There are a lot of things that i can tell you about what happened in 2019 but that will definitely take some time.

Anyway, here is a recap of my travels in 2019- which i may or may not tell you more in detail soon:
  • Kicked off the year in Krabi
  • Explored Kuala Lumpur like a true tourist (went to Kuala Selangor, Batu Caves, Chinatown, Royal Selangor factory, etc.)
  • Went back to Padang for a relative's wedding
  • Spent a weekend in Balok, Pahang with my family
  • Went on an adhoc trip to Ipoh with Mai via train
  • Bali again
  • London, UK soon after i came back from Bali
  • Penang for work
And here are some main events that happened in 2019 - 
  • Oh Ya Allah. The best breakfast of 2019, hands down, was the closed breakfast event with Faizal Tahir. That was beautiful. It was so intimate- i just went over to Faizal Tahir and Mike Chan and talked to them with no awkwardness and they were so warm and friendly. Ughh beautiful!
  • Got out of a relationship
  • Two of my best friends got married
  • Left my job to pursue a short course on Digital Marketing
  • Stopped talking to possibly the closest person to me
  • Met a bunch of fun, new friends
  • Started dating a lottt
  • I went to Bil Musa Charity Concert!
  • I went to Tulus' solo concert ermagerd
  • I went to Good Vibes Festival
  • Had my first proper picnic <3 li="">
  • Watched my first cycling race
  • Emma and I brought our non-Malaysian friends to their first Ramadhan bazaar. Practically bought everything on the table. That was fun.
  • Ipoh for the first time (this is definitely a highlight alright)
Will tell you more stories once i have the time.
I hope it's not too late to wish all of you a happy 2020!

May 2020 brings you more prosperity, maturity and opportunity.
Stay safe! X


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