At 25.

The view from my favourite spot in KL Sentral.

I no longer have to time to read on the news as much as i used to. The newspaper has turned to Netflix. All because i don't have that much spare time to sit down and just do one thing at a time.

Gone are the days when i looked forward to coming back to Seremban to just relax in my living room, watch TV, make a few phone calls and head straight out to meet my friends. Now most of them are staying in Klang Valley. Seremban is slowly losing its feel of home. My house that i was raised in is probably the only thing that makes me feel home these days.

At 25, i've learned that we are not obliged to fulfill the high expectations that people have been putting on us.

We do not have to succumb to the lifestyle that people presume a 25-year-old should live. I bet you have come across the saying "everyone walks at their own pace" and i cringe every time i read it because-- duhh, it's easier said than done. But growing up, i've realised that it's true. Each individual has their own sets of priorities and it will never be the same for everyone. Just because the people in your surrounding tell you "You need to get a better paying job" or "You should start your own company" doesn't mean you should. True, these people care for you and they're advising you. But remember, they're advices and not orders. At the end of the day, you will be responsible for your own life, not them. When advices are given unto you, take it into consideration with a pinch of salt. If the people that you surround with seem demanding or are possessive, maybe you should keep them at arms length or get new friends (?). Just saying.

At 25, i have also learned that you are not obliged to justify yourself to other people.

If you are making some life choices that you have put much thought into, and you are certain that that's how you want it, stand for yourself. People would often ridicule you over the path that you choose but if you believe that is what's best for you, do not let their negativity affect you. Not one bit. Be polite, listen to what they have to say, but do not let their negativity get to you.

At 25, i have learned to truly accept that people leave and there's nothing we can do about it. Regardless of how close you are to someone. Even married couples get divorced all the time, let alone you and what's-his-name whom you have no legal relations with. People coming and leaving have been part and parcel of my life.  I've begged, i've fought for people to stay but if they refuse to, there's really nothing much that we can do. Yes, we ought to weep for some time but don't take too long. Take care of your mental health and your future too. Don't dwell for too long. Learn to let go. Give yourself the 'mourning' period and do not exceed that time limit.

Just my two cents: Remember that not everyone who leaves you hanging are toxic or the villain of the story. And you shouldn't be hating everyone who leaves your side when you need them the most. There are two sides to a coin: try and ask them what you did wrong?

Hitting 25 is all about maturity, objectivity and hustling for my own future. Wish me luck, guys. To new adventures.


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