Review : Aquaria KLCC

Sunday-July 29th, 2018.

Let me just make it clear: I'm not a big fan of fishes or the marine life. I've been to Aquaria once (or maybe twice) and it didn't fascinate me. But on Sunday, i went there again for the third time, hoping that it would at least impress me.

First impression: the entrance fee is expensive! For Malaysians, the ticket is RM46 for adults and RM36 for children. When the lady over the counter told me the price, my jaw literally dropped. There's no way in hell that i'm going to pay 46 bucks for something that doesn't really excite me. But we bought the tickets anyway, thanks to my partner for paying it for me.

We completed the tour in about 2.5 hours and here is my honest opinion : The whole experience definitely doesn't worth RM46, maybe just around RM35. It was good but it wasn't great. The most mesmerizing part of Aquaria has got to be the tunnel but that's about it. Well, you would probably love it even more if you're into fishes.

Tips : If you're planning to do some activities around KLCC, go to Petrosains! It's located on the highest floor of Suria KLCC and the admission fee for a Malaysian adult is around RM18-- super worth it. Petrosains isn't just for kids, adults like you would enjoy it too! Or if you're on a strict budget, go to Galeri Petronas. It's completely free.

Bye for now!


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