Taken from Suhaib Webb's Instagram

Came across my, by far, favourite lessons shared by Suhaib Webb. It's so relatable to this current age and I feel that it is important for us to ponder upon these. Especially lesson 5.

I worked and trained in Azhar mosque and Dar al-Iftā Masriyaa for around three years, and I learned a few things from scholars, some dead, some disappeared and some who chose poverty over fame and comfort 
1. Don't be shy to say, God knows. I don't.
2. Be accessible to people
3. Euridition and scholarship is the ability to provide solutions, not impress people with appearance, style or who one studies with 
3. Offer people hope if it causes positive change, and reprimand them with fear if it does the same but no more, no less
4. Listen carefully 
5. Do not stick to your opinion or freeze the answers in outdated legal ones that may cause more harm than good. Respect scholarly heritage, but don't sanctify it
6. Be a student and a scholar always 
7. Have faith in the ummah because Allah loves them - if you start blaming people and continually criticizing them, pull back, stop answering questions and recalibrate 
8. Review the Quran every day 
9. Focus on your family
10. Be kind to the poor
11. Don't get upset if people question you. They ask you because they take their faith seriously and they trust you
12. Trust your training - The last question I asked a scholar in Egypt was about a convert who needed an answer. He told me, ”You answer her! You live there. That is why we trained you.”


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