Skepticism Against the Malaysian Music Industry

I am quite blessed that most of my friends fairly listen to local songs.

When i went to Faizal Tahir's concert a few years ago at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, i overheard this conversation between two ladies. That time, everyone was already seated and we were just waiting for the show to begin.

"Do you know who he is? Do you know any of his songs?"

"Sadly no! I only know Gemuruh and Sampai Syurga"
"OMG me too! *chuckles* entah siapa2 entah. Takpe lah, kita dengar je la."

As a huge fan, obviously i was offended. Why would you come to a concert of a singer you barely know? But what bugged me more was that during the conversation, they kind of carried a connotation that Malay songs are not good enough to listen to. Being in 2018 where the society is gradually becoming more sophisticated and we celebrate liberalism, shouldn't they be more accepting when it comes to music as well? Funnily enough, if you approach these people and ask them why they hate local songs, they can't justify themselves. They can't give you a single solid reason.

Growing up with both English and Malay music, i have to admit that certain Malay songs were really bad. They made your ears bleed at some point. But to completely cut the whole music industry and not giving them a listen is really unfair. It's such a shame when you celebrate sophistication and liberalism but when i play Malay songs, you go "Ew.". Give them a chance.

Malaysian music industry has matured really well throughout the years but you're not doing it  justice if you stereotype the whole industry as Elizabeth Tan, Kristal or Projector Band when you have Aizat, Faizal Tahir, Najwa, Yuna and Alif Satar. This skepticism against Malaysian music industry must come to an end.

It's unfortunate, isn't it? You've complained and waited for so long for the industry to develop, and when it is finally 'there', you still shun them. Because you hated what it was like decades ago. What a shame. 


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