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From housemate to best mate

When i first got into diploma, i was a lone ranger. I was comfortable going places alone, having dinner alone (people were still looking down on solo diners back then).

After my first year, my hostel application got rejected and i needed to find a room to rent. So i rented a room of a semi-d house with strangers. The house was shitty, insanely expensive for the price. It's the second last house from the street's dead end. There weren't any street lights at night. Whenever i had to come back home late night, my guy friends would follow me from behind, let me enter the house and they would lock my gate for me. The street was that scary. The view from my window was thick bushes. It was that scary, might as well be the set of Malaysia's next horror movie.
For a room-for-two in Lendu that provided an aluminium kitchen utensils rack as a wardrobe, RM200/pax is batshit expensive. I wasn't even allowed to turn on the water heater: "Rina, jangan pakai water heater eh? …