To those who like to point out other people's mistakes

I understand that you're just doing your part, being a sister in Islam, to tell other members of Islam what they did wrong. I understand that you're just doing your part as a sister to remind others who have strayed away to come back and practise the teachings of Islam. You want to do your obligations and simultaneously seek blessings and deeds from Allah SWT.

But what if.
What if what you've done and what you've said to the sinners are not drawing them closer to Islam but only turning them away from Islam? Isn't the blame partially on you too? Tak fikir kau pun dapat dosa?
Have you ever thought about that?

Dah berbuih dah mulut ni cakap, berapa kali nak aku cakap?

1. Speak of the beauty of Islam, bukan takutkan orang nak masuk Islam. You're supposed to be attracting people to Islam. Not pushing people away.
2As much as berdosa buat benda haram, mengharamkan benda yang halal pun haram jugak, bodoh.
3. Yes, the ustazs are here to guide you. But remember, they're here to guide you. You are the one who is supposed to be doing the reading. A hadith says that among the majorities of the dwellers of hell-fire is the ulama' for mengharamkan yang halal and menghalalkan yang haram. So that's why you have to read. Read. Read. Read. So that when the ustaz talks crap, you can tell.
4. Try to be more accepting and understanding of other people. You may have gotten your hidayah early. Stop forcing other people to follow your pace too. Everyone walks at their own pace.
5. Malay or Melayu is not your religion. Sometimes you may think that Islam is teaching you a certain way, but it's actually the Malay culture. That's why you have to read so you can differentiate.
6. READ FROM RELIABLE SOURCES. When i tell you to read in (3) and (5), don't la read from your WhatsApp group. Pick up a book. Read the newspaper.

I try to not channel my anger on this blog. But sometimes people just keep pissing me off.


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