My first time voting!

Malaysia’s 14th General Election is just around the corner. This will be my first time voting and I’m quite excited! 

But here’s what I would like to highlight. 

Every vote counts. If you’re a Malaysian and you’re entitled to vote, then please vote. There is no point of bashing the government or the opposition on social media; having political ‘debate’ on Facebook; ridiculing other people’s political stance if you do not vote. If you love a certain leader of a party, don’t just express it on social media. Prove it. 

Secondly, you decide for yourself if you’re voting for the political leader of the political party. Know that when you’re voting for one political individual, you’re voting for his party as well and vice versa. The hard part comes when you like the candidate contesting for your area, but you hate the party he is representing. So before voting, decide if you’re voting for the candidate or the party. Hope that goes well for you.  

I truly hope that whatever the result is, Malaysians will stay true to our Rukunegara: kesopanan dan kesusilaan. We boast to other countries about us being multiracial, living in harmony. We use that as our value proposition to attract investors to invest in Malaysia. And most importantly, harmony in multi-racialism is the foundation of Malaysia. We were built upon that. Although it is foreseeable that there could be riot or demonstrations post-elections, a 9-year-old na├»ve part of me is still wishing for peace. Yes, we are in a pivotal position right now, but whoever you’re voting for, I know it all comes down to two things : We love Malaysia and we want the best for the country.

Let’s just all pray for the best for Malaysia. Whatever the result may be, I just hope that you don’t lose faith in the country and will still love the country as much as our forefathers did.

Tanah tumpahnya darahku.


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