9th May 2018.

What a historic date. The date is as iconic as how 16th September 1963 is to Malaysians.

Malaysia's 14th General Election.

Last Wednesday was the day when the government became the opposition and Malaysia for the first time ever in history, gets a new ruling party: Pakatan Harapan. This is a change that is long overdue for us Malaysians. And finally, Malaysians have spoken loud and clear that we no longer want to stick to the status quo and it's time for change. Instead of progressing, Malaysia has been going downhill and for that, we need this change.

From a bigger perspective, this change is long overdue and crucial. But when the media announced on Pakatan's victory, a part of me screamed "It's time" but a part of me was quite mellow. I feel sorry for our founding fathers. I'm sorry that we let you down, that we failed to uphold what you have been fighting for for decades. We have shifted to a new party, a new phase and we hope that you understand that this is for the betterment of our nation, for our next generations.

I am no Barisan supporter nor am i completely against it. Barisan does have some really good people on the team but sadly, one bad apple spoils the lot. In order to take down the ruling party, we had to take down the whole team and with a heavy heart, the people of Negeri Sembilan had to sacrifice our beloved Menteri Besar.

Dato' Seri Utama Hj Mohamad, or Tok Mat as he is fondly called, focused so much on education and the welfare of the people. Personally, he has helped my family so much throughout his service. In 2009, he gave my family a sum of money and with that money, i bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D3000. That's the camera that i used when i won First Prize of Sony Nature Photography Project in 2010. When he came to know that i won with the camera that he indirectly bought for me, he was so happy and i'm glad that i made him proud.

I also got an award of excellence in 2010 from my school because i got 8As for my PMR, in which Tok Mat was the one invited to give out the awards to the students. When he noticed me on stage, he was surprised! He smiled and i could tell that he was really proud of me. He later asked to take a photo with me and my family.

When i was warded for the stabbing incident, he didn't come to visit me. After a few weeks, my family did a tahlil at my house and he came to join us. What he said later really touched me,

"Sorry uncle tak datang melawat. Uncle nak datang, tapi uncle busy sangat. But i called your doctor every single day to check up on you. Everyday uncle call. To check on your progress. Sampailah kau keluar. Uncle suruh doctor tu tengokkan kau elok-elok. Alhamdulillah la kau dah sihat."

Even reciting this whole dialogue in my head is bringing me to tears. The rakyat is going to miss the touch of a leader who puts us first before anything else; who puts continuous effort to for the betterment of the rakyat.

The rakyat wanted change and we were given an ultimatum: to stick to the status quo and have Tok Mat as our leader or get that change and lose Tok Mat. The people have voted and if only Tok Mat could know that it wasn't easy.

Despite losing you, we thank you for your contribution to Negeri Sembilan. We are honoured to have you as our leader for 14 years. You have done so much for your constituents and we thank you for that. We love you and you will terribly be missed.

If only you are given that authority again.


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