Brighton 2018

I know before i left Malaysia, i told people that i was going off to the UK. Ironically, i only spent 5 days in the UK and i barely went around London. I spent two nights in Brighton and the rest in London.

Coming back from Amsterdam, we took a low-cost flight back to London Gatwick, about £38. Yes, bus is a cheaper alternative, but we were worn out; we couldn't go through anymore long bus rides. The most famous London airport is of course London Heathrow, but we chose Gatwick because it's the closest airport to our next stop: Brighton.

From the airport, we took a coach to Brighton, then we took a train to the nearest stop to Emma's house. My accommodation in Brighton was settled because i stayed over at Emma's place. When going around Brighton, we completely relied on the bus. The buses there are so efficient! The frequency of the buses is quite high, so the waiting time isn't long. But before taking the bus, you have to download an app called Brighton&Hove and prepay the timely pass. When getting on the bus, just flash the app to the bus driver and you're good to go!

On the first day, we had Japanese katsu curry chicken for dinner at a humble Japanese cafe. The portion was big, but i'm sorry that i forgot to take a picture to show you guys.

1. Sprinkles Gelato Brighton

For dessert, we later when to a dessert cafe called Sprinkles Gelato and we share a waffle topped with milk chocolate, sliced banana and whipped cream on the side. And truthfully, it was ohhkayy la. Maybe slightly better than mediocre, but ohhkayy. The cafe itself is quite warm and cosy so it's a good place to chill after a night out.

2. Ben's Cookies

I know they have Ben's Cookies in Singapore too, but hey, why not eat it at the place where it originated, right? Ohhh, i'm drooling as i'm writing this! I want that warm, gooey, rich, soft cookie right now.

3. North Laine

North Laine is a cool, chill shopping district and oh Lord, i love that place. You can find so many vintage stores, old bookstores, coffee shops and there's even a flea market that opens at a certain time! You can find some really cool and rare items. We spent hours strolling down the street and just window shop. If you ever come down to Brighton, i highly suggest you dropping by at North Laine. You won't regret it!

4. Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre

I get really excited whenever i pass by a music store. You know how girls always have that unexplained pull towards Sephora or makeup store? In my case, it's a music store. Be it a CD store or musical instruments. In Brighton, there's this hugeee music store called Guitar, Amp and Keyboard Centre. I presume it's about a 6 or 8-lot store and they have a wide range of guitars! But of course, i didn't buy anything. I could barely pay for my food.

5. Brighton Pier

Seriously. You haven't been to Brighton if you did not go to the Brighton. Brighton Pier is the icon, biggest landmark of Brighton. And i was also looking forward to visit their beach because it's my first time visiting a sand-less beach! If you didn't know, the Brighton beach is sand-less and are of pebbles instead. 

6. CafĂ© Plenty 

Even before stepping into this store, your eyes will be caught by the array of colourful, mouthwatering desserts by the glass window, on the left side of the door. You open the door and the aroma of the freshly-baked cakes and pies just swooshes right to you and you're like woah. They've already triggered two of my senses within 5 seconds! 

The decor of this place is beautiful! You see those hanging pots and ropes on the ceiling? Those are for sale! I love how this place gives off really good vibes. It's a really nice place for you to come and chill with your friends. Food wise: I'd give it a 7/10. We came here for brunch and i ordered eggs florentine and it was good. But Emma's french toast tasted even better! 

I'm sorry if you expected more from this Brighton trip, but i didn't visit that many places in Brighton. The main reason why i went all the way crossing continents was to see Emma and have those moments when we would stay in and just talk all night. So yeah, we stayed in quite a lot and ate yesterday's leftovers.  All in all, i love Brighton. It's such a cosy, quiet and family-oriented town. It's the kind of town that you would want to raise your kids in, you know? Kinda reminds of Seremban too. 

One more post to go and i'm done with my Euro trip stories!


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