My much desired holiday was much longer than I expected. What I initially planned before leaving my previous company was to take about 3 months off, then travel to Europe then immediately start on my new job after a week of returning back to Malaysia.

I have to say, I was restless when I applied at so many agencies and companies and not getting a single call back. I have emailed them, applied on Jobstreet and even applied on Linkedin. On Linkedin, I could see a few companies viewing my profile, but they stopped there and did not even reach out to me. Whenever i saw got the notification "Company X viewed your application" I used to get so happy but after awhile... meh. After about two weeks of intensive job-hunting and not getting a single call back, I started panicking. I started doubting myself. “Is my resume not strong enough?” “What did I do wrong?” Deep down, I was quite disappointed at myself.

As someone who has secured my first job even before I finished my degree, going job-hunting for a month is a long time. I had so much passion and ideas in me that I want to pour out on an organization but why wouldn’t anyone see that? But alhamdulillah, after five weeks of being devastatingly unemployed, a company finally noticed me and took me in. And looking back, five weeks wasn’t that long. There are so many people out there who have been job-hunting for months longer than i did. 

So this is me telling you that I have started on a new job and I have a good feeling about this place. Good people, good ambience and the office is only 20 minutes away from my house via LRT. My life is getting so much better right now. I can feel that i'm on track with my new year's resolution. Everything is slowly falling into place and for that, i'm forever grateful.

I hope you're doing well on your end too. Take care. 


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