Europe 2018!

What's up, friends? I'm back!

End of 2017, I made the biggest purchase of my life. I purchased a return ticket to London Gatwick, to visit my best friend (Emma) and boy, i was so nervous. I had allocated the money a loooong time ago, probably since end of 2016 but i was always too afraid of buying my tickets because i had so many things on my annual plan; internship, work, volunteering, etc. And finally last year, i took a deep breath and booked them anyway. It was a now or never situation.

Just to clarify: it wasn't a backpacking trip, nor was it a budget trip. But i swear to God, i tried my hardest to control my expenses. It would almost always opt for the cheaper alternative in any situation.

It was an 18-day trip to Europe, comprising 4 cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brighton. The reason why i purchased my tickets to London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow was because Emma lives in Brighton and Gatwick is the closest airport to Brighton.

I flew with Emirates (because Malaysia Airlines #TanahTumpahnyaDarahku does not fly to London Gatwick) and the return tickets costed me RM2,844. Some might say cheap, some may think that i could get cheaper. But the cheap rates came with another cost to bear. I had to transit in Dubai for 8 hours. So the flight from KUL to DXB took 7 hours; transit in DXB was 8 hours and finally DXB to LGK took 7 hours). I got an earful from a bunch of people saying that "You should've just paid an extra few hundred bucks and get a direct flight, Na" but dude, i was trying to spare money. Pls understand. 

Anyway, i will tell you as much as i can about this trip but i won't put it all in one post. I will post more periodically. So come back here from time to time!


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