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Accomodation and Out & About in Paris

This was my first time in Paris and it was a highly anticipated trip for me. Back in UiTM Shah Alam, i learned French as my third language and i was hoping that i could finally practise what i have learned. However, it had been at least a year since my last French class so i didn't put much expectations on myself. 
But i have to tell you: having basic knowledge in French did help me a long way throughout my stay in Paris. Prior to coming here, i heard quite a handful number of stories of how rude and unfriendly the French are when you talk to them in English. Even the people over the information counter! Ergo whenever i had to talk to the locals, i tried my hardest to talk in French. And alhamdulillah, 98% of the locals whom i spoke to were very friendly and helpful. God bless. 
Also, yes, Paris is filthy. I can vouch for that. The metro (which is equivalent to Malaysia's LRT) smells like pee almost all the time. And if you ever see a random wet spot on the wall, dripping to …

Getting to Paris (via bus €19)

Emma picked me up at the airport and we took the train back to Brighton. By the time I reached her house, It was already around 1pm. As we had to leave for London at 6.30pm, we didn't have that much time to spare so we just chilled at her place and i started repacking my clothes.

We took the Gatwick Express to London Victoria Station and the journey didn't take long-- not even an hour, i think?

For the bus to Paris, we took the midnight ride because i wanted to save up on my lodging. I personally don't mind spending the night on the bus since i've done that before for the Colplay trip to Singapore and it was fine by me. As we were on a budget, instead of taking the train, we took a bus to Paris instead. The cheapest alternative-- but probably the worst option. Like, bruv, no wonder it was cheap. We took the midnight bus and the journey was scheduled to take 8-9 hours-- lies. It took around 10 hours. I got a good 3-4 hours of undisturbed sleep before they woke us up. W…

Europe 2018!

What's up, friends? I'm back!
End of 2017, I made the biggest purchase of my life. I purchased a return ticket to London Gatwick, to visit my best friend (Emma) and boy, i was so nervous. I had allocated the money a loooong time ago, probably since end of 2016 but i was always too afraid of buying my tickets because i had so many things on my annual plan; internship, work, volunteering, etc. And finally last year, i took a deep breath and booked them anyway. It was a now or never situation.
Just to clarify: it wasn't a backpacking trip, nor was it a budget trip. But i swear to God, i tried my hardest to control my expenses. It would almost always opt for the cheaper alternative in any situation.
It was an 18-day trip to Europe, comprising 4 cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brighton. The reason why i purchased my tickets to London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow was because Emma lives in Brighton and Gatwick is the closest airport to Brighton.
I flew with Emirates (…