Best year thus far

2017 was definitely the most meaningful year thus far. Hands down.

Stepping into 2017, I was doubtful on whether it would be a good year. I was all “I don’t know, man. This could be our year—or not.” but Emma being the optimistic one that she is, “No, Rina, you gotta have faith. I have a good feeling about this year.”

And she was right. 2017 was a blast! I didn’t hold myself back and I pursued whatever I wanted to do. There were both good, appraisable things; but there were also many things that I am not proud of too. But no regrets. The mistakes that I made made me significantly wiser. I lived my 2017 to the fullest, and Goddamn it, I’m so happy. I feel accomplished, fulfilled and victorious.

Here’s the life of Irina in 2017 at a glance:
  1. Got accepted to do an internship at one of the world’s most renowned public relations agency; Ogilvy & Mather.
  2. Finished my internship at Ogilvy & Mather with flying colours. (Before starting my internship, I thought I would get kicked out after a week or two. Allah worked his wonders!)
  3. Flew solo for the first time (domestically, but still) to Kuantan for the first time!
  4. Completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication (Hons.) Public Relations (woohoo!)
  5. Graduated with first class honours!
  6. Had my first ever TV interview!
  7. Secured my first job as a marketing and communications executive even before the completion of my degree
  8. My first time emceeing an international event.
  9. Traveled to a different country SOLO.
  11. My friends threw me plenty of birthday celebrations this year. I got soooo many birthday presents and, wallahi, I have never felt so happy celebrating my birthday.
  12. I went to Bali!
  13. Went to the closing ceremony of SEA Games with Emma.
  14. Went parasailing for the second time.
  15. Went jet-skiing for the first time.
  16. Got thrown-out of the plane for the first time (lol)
  17. Reunited with a bunch of childhood friends and for that, I’m beyond happy.
  18. Made quite a number of new friends for keeps.
  19. Managed to overcome my trust issues and started opening up to new people.
  20. Managed to get my hands on Jaeger Le Coultre‘s Geophysics!
  21. Got to watch Farah and Emma’s theatre performances!
  22. Got a private invitation to the launch of the new Coach Pavilion Elite; met Afgan, Flizzow, SonaOne and a bunch of other celebs in person!
  23. Finally embarking to the world of adulthood.

All in all, 2017 was loaded with intrinsic satisfaction that I myself do not know how to put in words. ‘Happy’ is definitely an understatement. Though 2017 was not all sugar, spice and everything nice; the journey was fantastic!

The best lesson that I learned in 2017: DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU, NOT FOR YOUR SURROUNDINGS

Simply put, I used to hold myself back. Because I was trying to adapt to the people around me, I held myself back so we could walk together hand in hand. I crawled with them though I knew I could run. I walked though i knew i could fly. I was a goody two shoes though I knew I am not naïve.

I am done with that. I am done being tied down. I wanted to fly.

Dear you, listen to me. You will know that you’re surrounded with the right people when they push you to be a wiser person, help you unleash your potentials and trust you to take that huge leap of faith. When you find someone who believes in your potentials, keep them.

Not the person who laughs at you when you dream big.
Not the person who mocks you for trying to change to a better person.
Not the person who sugarcoats everything and feeds you with only what you want to hear.

I was holding on to the people who restricted my potentials. I was holding on to the people who mocked me for dreaming big and for pursuing my passion which are not in-sync with their passion.

In 2017, I made the most painful yet the wisest decision I have made throughout the year. I let them go.

From then on, I have been gradually trying to remove my façade. Best decision yet.


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