Hello, folks. 

I am currently taking my long-awaited break and i'm having a blast. True, life has not been productive, but i'm having an amazing time. By 'amazing time', i do not refer to travelling or partying, but doing what i love the most: making time for my friends, chilling at home and being with my family. 

I'm catching up with my long-lost friends and listening to their stories make me feel "God, i'm missing so much in life!". As we all studied at different universities and countries, there are plenty of stories to share. Hanging out on a daily basis carries a stigma in the society because girls aren't suppose to go out every night. But what most people don't see is that i'm learning and exposing myself to new things and perspectives of life. I'm no longer trapped in the same circle of friends and succumbing to the same school of thought. Instead, i'm comprehending fresh new insights that are able to change how i see things. 

It's fascinating how these people see things differently than i do. In summary, they remind me of something that many people have failed to see: the world does not revolve around you. The hardships that you go through fuck up your brain. True. But you're not alone and the weight of the world isn't on your shoulder. There's always someone who has been through similar struggles and successfully got through them. All you need to do is take things with a pinch of salt and start opening up. If you're blessed with supportive friends like i do, InshaAllah, they'll help you as much as they can. 

"I write a 6, you see a 9." 

This is by far the best quote anyone has ever given me. I am argumentative. You can easily find me in a kedai mamak debate/argument, basically trying to tell someone why things shouldn't be done a certain way. But this quote has changed the way i see things. I'm starting to be more open to different school of thought and opinions. Things are no longer 'right or wrong'. But it's more about why and how. 


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