I don't want to jinx it by saying it too soon, but i love how i'm getting my shit together.

I am leaving a job that pays me well for a volunteering opportunity that pays, well, zilch. But it is way more relevant to my interest and passion. It's a volunteering project that will end in November and till i find another job, i will have no source of income. 

Is it wrong for me to say that earning money is not my top priority at the moment? I know it is unfair to my parents to be financially supporting me when i am old enough to be supporting myself and for that, i feel bad. At this stage, my experience means the world to me. I've not been living my life to the fullest and i have not been exposed to many things. When i am given an opportunity to be volunteering for an event as mega as this, i would be crazy to turn it down.

I feel sorry that my parents still have to support me for at least a few months. I really am. But I promise i will be supporting them when the time is right. I just need a little more time. 

Lifestyle (?)
Hey, i'm starting to hit the gym more frequently than i used to! Honestly, my body feels great.

A few weeks ago, my body started to ache. Not my muscles though, but my internal body. I knew that i hadn't been eating right. I knew that i hadn't sweat much.

Personally, i don't quite mind how my physique looks like. I know my face is round, i have a bulging tummy, but i don't quite mind. I mind how my internal is like. I mind about how my kidney is doing, how my liver is doing and if i have been taking too much sugar. So i chatted with a few health-concerned friends and they even gave me some routines that i could do. So i basically reduce my sugar and rice intake, i try to exercise for at least 20 minutes everyday and i drink lemon water on a daily basis. It may not sound like a great effort but i love how even the littlest efforts really do make me feel healthier. 

I don't have that many friends in KL, i must say. Ever since i left university, i have lost contact with a major bunch of them. Some, i engage with them on social media and some; gone with the wind. Last day of degree was the last day of our friendship. Ha. Ha. 

But Allah truly is The Best Planner. He has been taking care of me really well that when He took some people away from me, not long after, he sent me those who would take care of me and ensure that i'm safe all the time. So if you're one of those people who no longer talk to me and are checking if i'm doing alright, know that i'm in good hands. I have great company and i will forever be grateful for that. 


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