How I Don't Have Enough Pictures with People I Care About.

I tweeted earlier saying that the closer i am to some people, the lesser pictures i have with them.

This is very true. I had a sudden urge last night to do dedication posts for some of the closest people to me, that i have kept from the world. I felt like "Hey, my readers barely know these people and how much they mean to me. So why not telling them?" So i went through my Google Photos to look for some pictures to complement my posts. That's when i noticed that i barely had any photos of us together. 

Most of them are just pictures or videos that i took of them alone, without me in the photo.

That's when i realised that all this while, i have truly enjoyed their company and they don't make me want to take out my phone at all when they are around. I would rather listen to them talk than playing with my phone when they're around.

Secondly, most of them are not vain / ootd / selfie freaks. They would rather live in the moment than indulge themselves with vanity. Across the years of being friends with them, i have come to realise that hey, i don't even have pictures with them to see how much we have grown over the years. But i know for a fact that we do enjoy each other's company.

Ps: Soon, i'll write a post about the most amazing childhood friend that i have. He doesn't get enough credit for the amazing person that he is, so this one's for him. 


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