Facing Adulthood.

It feels weird to be an adult.
  1. I (obviously) get more money than i used to per month, but i have no time to spend it. I can no longer go out at night and talk in the car till dawn because i have to work in the morning. I used to hate staying at home but these days, being able to get home early seems like a blessing.
  2. My brain works a lot better at night, hence the sleepless nights back then. But now, whether i like it or not, i have to force myself to work during the day.
  3. I used to be able to go to gigs whenever i wanted to, but now i have to consider if i could make it after work; if i would be tired the next day.
  4. I used to like eating out alone, but now i just wanna eat at home.
  5. I used to talk on the phone for hours before i sleep, but i can't anymore because we both have to work tomorrow. 
I'm slowly adjusting. I'm going to need some time, but i'm slowly getting there. And once i have gotten the pace, i'll be invincible. Pray for me.


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