You know. At some point in life, you will feel really low, like you're sinking. And when you go out to see your friends, the happiness just illuminates your despair. But when your friends leave, your world is all gloomy again.

Suddenly, you talk or get a text/tweet from this person. The person whom genuinely wants what's best for you; the person whom you think could understand you-- you just break down in tears. You just want to cry your heart out because you know they're listening. They will stay for you till the end of time. And they genuinely want the best for you. 

Having a friend like this; i feel like she's a godsend. Having two or more? What have i ever done to be blessed with saints like this. I cannot be grateful enough to Him. If you can't relate to this, open your eyes. There are people who truly care and want the best for you. May you experience that blessing as well. 

Yesterday, a friend that i look up so dearly made me all teary.
And today, i got a surprise email from a person thousand miles away, whom i haven't seen for months. 

Both of you are my backbone. God bless the both of you. 


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