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You know. At some point in life, you will feel really low, like you're sinking. And when you go out to see your friends, the happiness just illuminates your despair. But when your friends leave, your world is all gloomy again.
Suddenly, you talk or get a text/tweet from this person. The person whom genuinely wants what's best for you; the person whom you think could understand you-- you just break down in tears. You just want to cry your heart out because you know they're listening. They will stay for you till the end of time. And they genuinely want the best for you. 
Having a friend like this; i feel like she's a godsend. Having two or more? What have i ever done to be blessed with saints like this. I cannot be grateful enough to Him. If you can't relate to this, open your eyes. There are people who truly care and want the best for you. May you experience that blessing as well. 
Yesterday, a friend that i look up so dearly made me all teary. And today, i got a sur…

People-watching : The Honest Juice Guy

I was sitting at my usual seat at Grand Hyatt's JP Teres. 
A person caught my eye. I don't know if it was a man or a woman (let's just assume it's a he), his body was blocked with the fruit chiller. I could only see his hands up to his forearms as he was washing a bottle.
He was washing a bottle, the kind that you keep sauces or mayonnaise. He scrubbed the bottle so vigorously and thoroughly with generous amount of soap. He even poured in the soap water in, shook it and rinsed it vigorously. I saw him turning off the tap and checked if the bottle was properly cleaned. I could see him bringing the bottle closer to his nose, probably trying to sniff if it stinks. 
He probably thought "Nope." and he washed it again. More soap, more water. Till he was done. 
He checked the bottle again. "Nope." and he cleaned the bottle again. And again. And again.
And it struck me how honest this man is. No one was even watching him (he couldn't see me, i assume).…

Something Borrowed.

You were my listener. You were my partner. You put me at ease. You caused the twinkle in my eyes. You drew the smile on my face. You caused the butterflies in my stomach. You completed me.  But it's heart-breaking to accept that you're that something borrowed.

Facing Adulthood.

It feels weird to be an adult.
I (obviously) get more money than i used to per month, but i have no time to spend it. I can no longer go out at night and talk in the car till dawn because i have to work in the morning. I used to hate staying at home but these days, being able to get home early seems like a blessing.My brain works a lot better at night, hence the sleepless nights back then. But now, whether i like it or not, i have to force myself to work during the day.I used to be able to go to gigs whenever i wanted to, but now i have to consider if i could make it after work; if i would be tired the next day.I used to like eating out alone, but now i just wanna eat at home.I used to talk on the phone for hours before i sleep, but i can't anymore because we both have to work tomorrow.  I'm slowly adjusting. I'm going to need some time, but i'm slowly getting there. And once i have gotten the pace, i'll be invincible. Pray for me.

The ugly truth of changing to the 'better'

To consider changing, that's easy.
To set your mind about changing, that's easy.
To initiate change, that's interesting.
To commit to it? Now that's a challenge.
Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure that there are times when you look back, you would feel like you're a horrible person. You want to change for the better. So you prepare yourself mentally and you tell yourself that you'll commit to this change. You want to do good and you want to be a better person for your future. You need to truly fix yourself first before you even start fixing others. You wish to be able to preach and bring others to the right path as well. 
That's a great thought. We should all do our parts and make this world a better place again.
However, things don't always go out the way we plan. The lucky ones who truly commit to their plan and with the help from God Almighty, they make it. They truly change and genuinely pray for the world to be a better place. They look at th…