Finally. Done and dusted.

Today is the 22nd of June 2017.

Today marks my final day interning at this agency. Some part of me feel happy and excited that i'm graduating soon. Some part of me feel sad and refuse to leave because i feel like i have finally clicked with the people here. 

This, i promise you, that my days onwards would be so different that i don't get to see them everyday. I love the people that i'm surrounded with. They're genuinely very nice and they do not make me feel like i'm working. They make me feel like what an intern should feel like : like i'm learning something new instead of providing them cheap labour.

This place has taught me so much and i'm forever grateful that i had chosen this place over other offers. Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do as much as i could. Thank you for believing in me. I truly am going to miss this family.

With that, this also means that i have reached the end of my degree. This is it, guys. I did it! Years ago, i honestly felt like i wasn't going to make it. I hated UiTM so much, I predicted that i was going to quit midway because my unruly hatred towards UiTM. I was already on the verge of applying to Taylor's and University of Nottingham. Heck, I had already consulted my Deputy Dean to discuss on my withdrawal from the school. I endured the remaining few semesters, and wow. I'm graduating soon. I'm glad this is all over. My endurance has also granted me uncountable meaningful friendships. I'm blessed.

Ps: I'll be presenting my internship report tomorrow to my faculty. This will most probably be my last academic presentation in my life. A toast, to another chapter of life.


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