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I find it hard to remember names. I find it hard to remember faces. I get called 'sombong' quite frequently, i must say, but i frankly understand why. But one uncommon thing that i can easily remember is how a person texts or types. To me, everyone types a certain unique way (at times, even more unique than how a person looks like tbh). Which brings to a set of questions that i always wonder: Why does a person like to use dots (period) a lot? Eg: "hello there.. how are you..?"Why does a person not mind making typos? Why isn't correcting typos a priority?When texting, why do some people like to send one sentence at a time? Why do some people like to send in paragraphs? Why do some people like to end conversations with 'okay' and why do some people use blue tick as a sign of 'understood'?Why does a person like to say 'like' a lot? There has to be a definite explanation to these.

Bali 2017


I'm not ready for this bullshit.

Get ready for me to fucking rant.
If you didn't know, i've already started working. At a really reputable company as a marketing communications executive. Today is my fifth day working here and i stand firm with what i felt on my first day here: I don't want to be here.
It's not about the system or the organization, it's just me. I'm not ready to fucking work, okay. I've studied non-stop since 2012; i have a diploma and a degree; i got 8 out of 9 Dean's List Awards; I worked my ass off at the advertising/public relations agency where i was doing my internship at, and i deserve a break. I haven't even gotten the time to actually sit at home and sleep. I haven't even spent time with Emma. I need to fucking relax.
My internship ended 3 days before raya. Raya was tiring as usual because my relatives came over. Third day of raya, I left for Bali (which was not pleasant and tiring!). Two days later, i had to do my final presentation.The following day…

Finally. Done and dusted.

Today is the 22nd of June 2017.
Today marks my final day interning at this agency. Some part of me feel happy and excited that i'm graduating soon. Some part of me feel sad and refuse to leave because i feel like i have finally clicked with the people here. 
This, i promise you, that my days onwards would be so different that i don't get to see them everyday. I love the people that i'm surrounded with. They're genuinely very nice and they do not make me feel like i'm working. They make me feel like what an intern should feel like : like i'm learning something new instead of providing them cheap labour.
This place has taught me so much and i'm forever grateful that i had chosen this place over other offers. Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do as much as i could. Thank you for believing in me. I truly am going to miss this family.
With that, this also means that i have reached the end of my degree. This is it, guy…