Happy birthday, best friend

Hey. Can you believe it that we have known each other for almost a decade now? I guess it is accurate to say that we grew up together. I have seen how much you have grown and you have seen how much i have grown. You have seen me laugh like a witch and cry macam orang mati anak. Ye, buruk. And i have seen you cry like a girl and fall on your butt. Lagi buruk.

As cliche as it may sound, we overcame so many hurdles together. Looking back, we were so young and naive. It is quite amazing that we managed to go through shitload amount of obstacles together. You have seen me being a bitch but you stick with me anyway. I have seen you being a dick but hey, here we are, almost a decade later and still standing strong. Although we don't talk to each other as frequently and we rarely meet, you should know that i'll always be here nonetheless. I want you to remember that.

Things have changed. Regardless of how different we are now, i'm honoured to know that i have witnessed you at your highest and lowest. Oh how proud i am of you. You have so much potential in you and it is about time that you realise that. Don't let anything hold you down. Promise me that come what may, you will never stop trying to achieve your dreams.

It is still mind-boggling to me that we barely have anything in common. I used to think that i needed many common interests with someone in order to click with them, but you proved me wrong. It is humbling to know that you have never excluded me from your life and albeit how annoying and clingy you find me, we'll always work our way back. Thank you for not giving up on me and believing in me. I'd like to keep you forever.

I have kept you as a secret from my blog long enough. It is about time that i introduce you them.

Happy birthday, bestest friend.


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