Gotta love this cashless life

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't referring to me being broke (though i'm on the verge of being one). What i meant was that i love how i don't really have to carry physical cash with me anymore.

You notice how every single bank is forcing you into changing your cards to debit card, Paywave, Samsung Pay, etc.? Oh i love it! It actually makes every transaction-- be it buying McDonald's, buying tidbits from MyNews.Com, or toiletries from Watson's-- so smooth and fast!

Within the past few weeks, i only withdrew my money several times and till date, i still have cash in my purse. Yes, it is absurd to not be carrying cash with you. You can't be buying pisang goreng, mee goreng kawah at the bazar and yong tau foo with your plastics now, can you? (If you can, it'd be super awesome). So i only bring my cash with me for those purposes.

I started using Maybank's Paywave a few weeks back and i'm loving it! Tap. "Okay thank you, come again!" Fuhhhhh dah bayar. Wowda, so da quick. And when i want to revise my monthly expenses kan , i can just go to my online bank statement and poof, a long ass list of unwise expenses. It'd probably look something like: Watson's Avenue K - KFC Ampang Park - Guardian Ampang Park - Johnny's - Alexis GE Mall - Uber - Grab - Vincci KLCC - Shell - McDonald's and the list goes on. Fuhh. Now memang everything can be done online; transactions and payments pun sama.

You know what else you can pay online? Food and shelter for the Yemenis. United Nations has reported that as of March 2017, 17 million people in Yemen are considered as food insecure whereas 6.8 million more are severely food insecure. 
  • 7 million people are already at risk of famine. 
  • With the population of 27 million people, 17 million people are already considered as food insecure. That is more than 60% of the people in Yemen.
  • 14.4 million people do not have access to safe drinking water or sanitation.
  • 3.3 million children and pregnant / breastfeeding women are acutely malnourished.
With the advancement of technology, put it to good use. If you have petty cash or extra money, don't be like me and spend on whatever my heart desires. Give it to those in need. If you have allocated to spend, say, RM20 a day, keep RM5 aside. Donate, especially to the right channels. Malaysia is crowded with beggars lately. You can donate to them, of course you can. But the people on the other side of the world are literally fighting for their lives, starving to death. It's a matter of priority.

I'm going to leave these details here, in case you want to save lives. I will still be updating the details here from time to time.

Maybank - 5640 9820 6365 (Malaysian Relief Agency)
CIMB Bank - 86000 59478 (Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation)
Public Bank - 39885 91608 (Malaysian Relief Agency Foundation)

No one has ever gone poor by giving. Have faith.


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