Childhood Questions: Answered! (Part 1)

When i was a child, i had a bunch of question in my head. Whenever i asked an adult, they went "You'll know it later when you grow up". I always got so upset whenever someone replied me that way. Like, Yo, you want me to learn but whenever i ask, you never tell! How leh?!

So i'm introducing this series of Childhood Questions: Answered! to share with all of you, my curiosity and questions when i was-- well-- naive. Thankfully, i still remember some of the many questions that i had when i was a child.

Question : Why are leaders of the world so wasteful of gasoline and take different flights though they are heading to the same direction?

When i was 11, i had to learn Kajian Tempatan, which revolves around our local history, general knowledge, yada yada yada. So one day, i was introduced to the refinery process of oil. So from what i learned, through the refinery process, you will get gasoline, kerosene, tar, petrol (for cars) , diesel, etc. From the diagram, i have learned that the finest and most expensive produce is gasoline. Which is fuel for aircraft.

Since petroleum itself is expensive and non-renewable, my teacher made gasoline sound so sacred and priceless. And i was like, shit, man. Fuel for jets, aeroplanes, helicopters! Henceforth, i kinda made a vow to myself that if i ever become the leader of Malaysia and given a private jet, i will never use the private jet. I would always go for commercial flights. That's my effort in reserving the non-renewable energy. I was so determined on saving gasoline that i condemned the unnecessary usage of private jets.

Once, i saw on the news that a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of a country arriving at a venue using two separate private jets. I was furious. Being an 11-year-old, i thought that this practice is wasteful and merely an act of luxury and selfishness. They could've gotten on the same plane! They were from the same location, heading to the same destination anyway! Why couldn't they plane-pool?!


I was 11. I didn't know about the concept of government continuity. In layman's terms, government continuity refers to the steps that are taken to ensure that in case anything happens to any of the government personnel or system, the country will still be able to function normally and run accordingly to avoid the nation being left in limbo.

The two leaders on the news had to be flown separately. If someone harms the plane that the Prime Minister is on, at least the Deputy Prime Minister would still be alive to keep the government running. The Deputy Prime Minister will be named as the Acting Prime Minister and the nation would still have one legitimate leader to direct and lead the nation.

To explain more on government continuity, do watch Netflix's Designated Survivor. Before The State of The Union of the United States of America, the council must name one person (aka the designated survivor) to be sit out from the meeting . Sitting the designated survivor out is essential to ensure that if anything happens to The State of the Union, one person from the federal government will be alive for the continuity of the government. And boom, the Capitol Hill was bombed, the whole Cabinet and the designated survivor (Kiefer Sutherland) who was only the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was 'shot-putted' and became POTUS.

Childhood question freaking answered. *drops mic*


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