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Childhood Questions: Answered! (Part 1)

When i was a child, i had a bunch of question in my head. Whenever i asked an adult, they went "You'll know it later when you grow up". I always got so upset whenever someone replied me that way. Like, Yo, you want me to learn but whenever i ask, you never tell! How leh?!

So i'm introducing this series of Childhood Questions: Answered! to share with all of you, my curiosity and questions when i was-- well-- naive. Thankfully, i still remember some of the many questions that i had when i was a child.
Question : Why are leaders of the world so wasteful of gasoline and take different flights though they are heading to the same direction?

When i was 11, i had to learn Kajian Tempatan, which revolves around our local history, general knowledge, yada yada yada. So one day, i was introduced to the refinery process of oil. So from what i learned, through the refinery process, you will get gasoline, kerosene, tar, petrol (for cars) , diesel, etc. From the diagram, i have learn…

Happy birthday, best friend

Hey. Can you believe it that we have known each other for almost a decade now? I guess it is accurate to say that we grew up together. I have seen how much you have grown and you have seen how much i have grown. You have seen me laugh like a witch and cry macam orang mati anak. Ye, buruk. And i have seen you cry like a girl and fall on your butt. Lagi buruk.
As cliche as it may sound, we overcame so many hurdles together. Looking back, we were so young and naive. It is quite amazing that we managed to go through shitload amount of obstacles together. You have seen me being a bitch but you stick with me anyway. I have seen you being a dick but hey, here we are, almost a decade later and still standing strong. Although we don't talk to each other as frequently and we rarely meet, you should know that i'll always be here nonetheless. I want you to remember that.
Things have changed. Regardless of how different we are now, i'm honoured to know that i have witnessed you at yo…

Gotta love this cashless life

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't referring to me being broke (though i'm on the verge of being one). What i meant was that i love how i don't really have to carry physical cash with me anymore.
You notice how every single bank is forcing you into changing your cards to debit card, Paywave, Samsung Pay, etc.? Oh i love it! It actually makes every transaction-- be it buying McDonald's, buying tidbits from MyNews.Com, or toiletries from Watson's-- so smooth and fast!
Within the past few weeks, i only withdrew my money several times and till date, i still have cash in my purse. Yes, it is absurd to not be carrying cash with you. You can't be buying pisang goreng, mee goreng kawah at the bazar and yong tau foo with your plastics now, can you? (If you can, it'd be super awesome). So i only bring my cash with me for those purposes.
I started using Maybank's Paywave a few weeks back and i'm loving it! Tap. "Okay thank you, come again!" Fuhhhhh da…

Wonder Woman (2017) : Review (Spoiler Free!)

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
It is currently 5.54pm of June 1st, 2017. And according to the posters of Wonder Woman all over Malaysia, today is the general showing of Wonder Woman (2017)! Woohoo! Are you guys excited?!
But it's no surprise that i have watched it already. Kehkeh. Growing up and believing in my superheroes, i always feel the need to be amongst the very first bunch who get to watch my heroes in action. 
Moving on.
 I watched it last night at GSC Pavilion. As opposed to the previous DC movie premieres, the first showings of  DC movies were always at night (around 9-ish) and given the biggest halls, with Atmos and D-Box for best movie experience. But since it is currently the first two weeks of Pirates of the Caribbeans' release, most of the Atmos and D-Box halls were occupied by POTC. So for the first time in a long time, i had to take a regular seat for my DC movie premiere.  Wonder Woman, a courageous, just and powerful Princess of Themyscira who came to our…