I wanted to write a lengthy post but i'm out of ideas so here are some life updates!

  • I am already counting down to my last day of internship. I have 5 more weeks to go! (Yayy!)
  • I am still figuring out on what to do after internship. I am thinking on doing something that involves international relations, diplomatic efforts or UNHCR, but who would hire me? (Email me if you know of any relevant job vacancies : rina.ridzwan94@gmail.com. Email me, i'm desperate.)
  • The condition of the refugees in Malaysia is extremely concerning, so if you have free time and bricks of cash under your pillow, give them away.
  • General Election is around the corner. I don't even have a political stance yet. Help. 
  • I'm becoming a shopaholic. And i am in no position to be one considering my monthly allowance is far from a 4-figure. I'm broke. (Email me if you know of any job opportunities. Preferably a short-term, project-based or contract based.)
  • If my 'international mission' fails, i might just work at a production house/broadcasting company. I don't think i wanna join another PR agency.
 I'm serious about joining UNHCR. If you have experience working with them or you've worked at a refugee centre, email me (rina.ridzwan94@gmail.com). I'd love to know what you think. We can work something out.


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