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I wanted to write a lengthy post but i'm out of ideas so here are some life updates!

I am already counting down to my last day of internship. I have 5 more weeks to go! (Yayy!)I am still figuring out on what to do after internship. I am thinking on doing something that involves international relations, diplomatic efforts or UNHCR, but who would hire me? (Email me if you know of any relevant job vacancies : Email me, i'm desperate.)The condition of the refugees in Malaysia is extremely concerning, so if you have free time and bricks of cash under your pillow, give them away.General Election is around the corner. I don't even have a political stance yet. Help. I'm becoming a shopaholic. And i am in no position to be one considering my monthly allowance is far from a 4-figure. I'm broke. (Email me if you know of any job opportunities. Preferably a short-term, project-based or contract based.)If my 'international mission' fails, i might…

Coldplay Singapore 2017; Yes i went!

I was one of those who waited in front of my laptop hours prior to the opening of the ticketing sale of Coldplay Singapore. The sale opened at 10am and I had class at that time. I picked Coldplay over my class. Skipped class but sadly, I still didn't get my ticket. If you didn't try to buy the tickets online like me, let me tell you how the process went.

Basically you have to wait on the page that has the button 'BUY TICKETS'. If the sale isn't opened yet, you'll be notified that the tickets are not available yet. If you're lucky, you'll be directed to the page that has the seating plan. If you're unlucky (like me), you'll be redirected to the 'virtual room' 'Virtual room' is basically a virtual waiting room where they put thousands of people in that room before allowing them to access the seating plan page.

If you're in the virtual room, you know that you're fucked. You know that you won't even stand a chance. Say …