I’m so tired of studying. I really am. Three years of diploma in Lendu, (soon-to-be) 2 years of degree in Shah Alam. That’s five freaking years, man. I don’t even know how people can study non-stop till PhD. That’s insane.

Three more months of internship and I’m done! In conjunction with our completion of degree, my university friends and I have decided to go on a trip! Well, two trips, to be honest. Pre-convocation : domestic trip and post-convocation : international!

Being students, we’re almost always broke. Always broke. You get me right? So I recently took the time and searched for the cheapest flights and hotels in the Southeast Asia Region, and I stumbled upon this Traveloka website. I occasionally go to travel websites to look for deals but most of the time, I’ll be agitated because the websites are not user-friendly and they are so tough to navigate around. Then I found out that they have an app too. So I gave it a shot.

And frankly speaking, this app is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate through. When you first open the app, there’ll be six tabs that you can choose from: flights, hotels, international hotels and flights, price alerts and ongoing promos. If you’re looking for flight tickets, just pick your destination, dates, etc.

Just key in your preferred date, destination, yada yada yada. Once you hit the search button, this page would appear:

So the results that they display are the cheapest flights that they could find across the board. The sceptical me would say "Ahh BS penipu. Mesti banyak hidden charges la, no luggage la, apa la, last-last mahal jugak". Note that the prices that they state on the website are inclusive of tax wei. What you see, is what you pay for. Score! InsyaAllah tak kena tiao one. Also, you get to filter/screen certain airlines, time, transit la, so it’s pretty straightforward!

Okay, in this case kan (refer to the photo above), the price of the return ticket still does not fit my budget. Being the broke ass that i am, RM150 is still a lot for KK, bro. So they have this thing called 'Price Alerts' whereby if i turn it on, they will notify me if there is any offer or any massive price drop. Because airlines these days just keep changing their prices every now and then, Traveloka will notify you when the prices have dropped and suit your budget. All hail!

I've been using the app for a few weeks now and I even turned on the price alerts. So daily, they would send me an email regarding the cheapest flights that they found across the airlines.

This is uber-beneficial when you really want to go travel but you can't find the right tickets that fit your budget. So you don't have to go online looking for cheap flight tickets on weekly basis (like what i used to do). With this app, they'll 'come' and tell you. Just have faith and endure the wait. Lol. But you gotta remember that airlines change their prices excessively, so whenever you get an alert, think on your toes and buy!

And since you're already on the app, might as well utilize the hotel feature that they have. It works the same way as the 'flight' feature does. But from what I've read, the hotels featured on Traveloka's app are carefully selected before they are advertised there. So it's not like some mediocre website that compiles and features a long list of hotels that can be found online and promoting it to the public. For each hotel featured, they even state the TripAdvisor rating for the hotel, so you can consider according to the ratings too.

When I was looking for accommodation in KK, I myself did some comparison manually between the prices on Traveloka and other travel websites to see if Traveloka really is significantly cheaper or not. And it is!For instance, there's this backpacker's hotel that I found; the normal rate is around RM27 per night. But if you book and pay for the room via Traveloka, you can get the room for about RM20. That's cheap, right?!

You may prefer using the website and not the app but trust me, the app is really user-friendly. Give it a go!


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