Foodporn / Instafood

Sometimes you scroll through your instagram account. You stumble upon a few photos of food from this café. Damn, the food looks gorgeous! And look at those pastries! Yum!

So you text and try to gather a few friends. Probably text in your whatsapp group. A few days later, you're there at the café with your friends. You walk in and when you look at the menu, a slice of cakes costs RM15/piece. Bollocks, that's expensive. Oh well, this better be worth it. And you start ordering some cakes and some tea like the ones that you saw on Instagram. 'Posh'.

The food arrives. Oh God, that looks amazing! Then you and your friends start taking out your friends. Snap, snap, snappity-snap. Oh wait, let me rotate the plate. This plate goes on the left, cutleries goes on the right. Okay, much better. Oops, almost forgot about the teacups. Perfect.  There you go again. Snap, snap, snappity-snap. Click, and your instagram is updated with pictures of your food and you and your friends looking all posh and poise.

15 minutes later, you start noticing that your food has turned cold. Oh that's too bad. Oh well. So you take a fork and start slicing through that slice of cake. The moment you put that piece in your mouth, you know that it tastes like...

...shit. It tastes like what-the-fuck-am-I-eating. Bland, cold, buttery. For heaven's sake. Not coming here again.

A while later, you leave the unfinished cake on the table, feeling disappointed.

A few days later, you stumble upon this @peta_kl account on Instagram. Wow, I've never been to this café! You start texting your friend and the entire cycle goes on and on. For the love of Instagram.

How I perceive this situation: You spend a stack of money on food that you know may be shitty and you're not gonna finish, but you spend it anyway-- why? For some pictures. You're basically spending the money to get those instagram worthy pictures. RM15 for three glorious pictures!


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