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I'm going on TV tomorrow!

Yes, you read that right.

For my past events, I tried my best to not get myself interviewed. Even when I was arranging for media coverage for my events, I always tried my hardest to let someone else be interviewed. Because I had a feeling that I would suck big time and I would talk too fast.

But this time around, I am going on TV. LIVE. And this time around, I won't be representing any firms or events, but me, myself and I. Me. Hell, it's nerve-wrecking. As I'm typing this, my hands are literally shaking. I feel like my heart is falling out of my chest. I really do.

Moreover, the theme of the episode is near-death experience, so you can figure out what i'll be talking about, ya? Yes, it's a really personal incident for me. But I think this is a great platform for me to boost my self-esteem and actually have my first interview experience. Plus, the show is at noon on Astro Ria, so I assume there won't be that many people watching.

Drop a comment and show me som…

For the love of a fellow humanbeing.

If i were in their position, i'd die. If you were in their position, you'd probably die too. If you have the time, I urge and plead you to read this. A heart-wrenching culture that you never knew still exists till today. Beyond our self-centered nations fighting for more lenient internet censorships and more concerts, there are thousands of innocent, naïve females younger than you who face life-and-death situations every single day of their lives. They are physically beaten up, raped and held at gunpoint literally every single day. And that's a norm on that side of the globe.  
I have come across this article days ago. Following that read, I have read dozens of other non-related articles. But none of those affect me quite like this one. No article has ever put me awake in the middle of the night, crying over something so out of reach from me. But this.
Going through the newspapers everyday has been my job for over a month now. I come across different kinds of complaints …


I’m so tired of studying. I really am. Three years of diploma in Lendu, (soon-to-be) 2 years of degree in Shah Alam. That’s five freaking years, man. I don’t even know how people can study non-stop till PhD. That’s insane.

Three more months of internship and I’m done! In conjunction with our completion of degree, my university friends and I have decided to go on a trip! Well, two trips, to be honest. Pre-convocation : domestic trip and post-convocation : international!

Being students, we’re almost always broke. Always broke. You get me right? So I recently took the time and searched for the cheapest flights and hotels in the Southeast Asia Region, and I stumbled upon this Traveloka website. I occasionally go to travel websites to look for deals but most of the time, I’ll be agitated because the websites are not user-friendly and they are so tough to navigate around. Then I found out that they have an app too. So I gave it a shot.

And frankly speaking, this app is quite user-friendly …

Foodporn / Instafood

Sometimes you scroll through your instagram account. You stumble upon a few photos of food from this café. Damn, the food looks gorgeous! And look at those pastries! Yum!
So you text and try to gather a few friends. Probably text in your whatsapp group. A few days later, you're there at the café with your friends. You walk in and when you look at the menu, a slice of cakes costs RM15/piece. Bollocks, that's expensive. Oh well, this better be worth it. And you start ordering some cakes and some tea like the ones that you saw on Instagram. 'Posh'.
The food arrives. Oh God, that looks amazing! Then you and your friends start taking out your friends. Snap, snap, snappity-snap. Oh wait, let me rotate the plate. This plate goes on the left, cutleries goes on the right. Okay, much better. Oops, almost forgot about the teacups. Perfect.  There you go again. Snap, snap, snappity-snap. Click, and your instagram is updated with pictures of your food and you and your friends look…