Live update.

Today is the seventh day of my internship. Currently doing my internship at a public relations firm in Damansara.

When i was still studying in my university days, any emails sent out to my classmates or groupmates were titled or embedded with something purely irrelevant to the documents-- say, like a movie reference, lyrics. For example:

Subject : Teh O Ais satu
Body   : Kurang manis

Subject : So tell me
Body   : Do you bleed?

Subject : Do you like jazz?
Body    : I hate jazz.

So this occurred every single time. To and fro.

And this habit, ladies and gentlemen, have finally bit me right in the buttocks.

Despite me sitting right across my colleague and just saying "Okay, i'll email you right now.", what i would usually do is just send the bloody document: whip up some stupid quote, then baam. Sent. But being in a professional environment, every single email needs to have a subject and body. Gahhh! This is so time consuming. Requires so much more thinking than i thought too! Like, why would i type "Best regards" or "Thank you!" when i can actually verbally tell you? Coming up with a proper title and body is so ghastly stressful. Sigh. But who else is there to be blamed other than me myself and i, am i right?

So, ladies and gentlemen, learn from my mistakes. Don't make the same mistakes that I made.

It is what it is. I'll be back soon. Tata!


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