Listen up, advertisers!

I am a regular user of our public transports. As my office is located about 12km away from my house, taking the public transports to my office is quite convenient. Every day, I would ride on the LRT and switch to a rapidKL bus to get to my office.
Being on the bus for 30 minutes can get pretty boring. The only entertainment on the bus is the two advertisement TV screens on the bus. Left with no choice, we passengers are all drawn to watch the screens. They air several advertisements on the screens and surprisingly, the ads are pretty entertaining and eye-catching. I am pleased.
Here comes the frustrating part: I have to ride the bus twice everyday, and so do most of the passengers. However, there are extremely few advertisements aired on those screens and these ads are continuously played back to back. As the number of ads currently aired on the screens is definitely lesser than 10, it gets excruciatingly boring of being fed with the same advertisements repeatedly, twice, every single day. Some of the passengers have even memorized the dialogues from these commercials.
I hereby urge advertisers to take this opportunity and advertise on these digital screens. Utilize them. These screens are great tools to reach mass audience. I personally think that some companies are undervaluing the impact of advertising in public transports. We need to bear in mind that millions of people use and are depending on public transports to move from one place to another. By advertising on these vehicles, the advertisers are able to engage with millions of people in daily.  
This article is in no way paid by rapidKL or other any public transports. This is just an opinion from a regular user of our public transportation.


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