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Butter Chikin

I don't know if you're a foodie, but i am.

So today, i'm gonna be dedicating this post to one of my true loves, the cuisine that holds the throne of the chicken monarch, the glorious BUTTER CHICKEN.
First of, i am aware that there are a few types of butter chicken. The ones that i've personally tried are the Indian style butter chicken and the buttermilk chicken. I would say that the rise of the glorious butter chicken started a few years ago. I personally had my first succulent butter chicken in 2013 (i think). And boy, i was in love. I'm so glad i had a good first time. 
1. The Yindian Butter Chicken.

This made me silently say 'Yum!' to myself after every spoonful. It's rich, tender, creamy and flavourful. Visually and taste wise, it's very different than the usual butter chicken that you see at Gold Chili, Bert's or other restaurants. It looks like a thick curry, but i assume it is tomato based because the tomato flavour is quite strong. This pic…
Lol, guys! I sent my previous post to NST and it got published in today's paper (March 20th, 2017)! If you subscribe to NST, it's in the 'Letters' section, page 18.
Gotta get back to work. Have a great day! X

Listen up, advertisers!

I am a regular user of our public transports. As my office is located about 12km away from my house, taking the public transports to my office is quite convenient. Every day, I would ride on the LRT and switch to a rapidKL bus to get to my office. Being on the bus for 30 minutes can get pretty boring. The only entertainment on the bus is the two advertisement TV screens on the bus. Left with no choice, we passengers are all drawn to watch the screens. They air several advertisements on the screens and surprisingly, the ads are pretty entertaining and eye-catching. I am pleased. Here comes the frustrating part: I have to ride the bus twice everyday, and so do most of the passengers. However, there are extremely few advertisements aired on those screens and these ads are continuously played back to back. As the number of ads currently aired on the screens is definitely lesser than 10, it gets excruciatingly boring of being fed with the same advertisements repeatedly, twice, every single d…

Till the end of time

I bet most of you have never heard me play the piano but here's a snippet of me playing my favourite Elvis song: the uptempo-ed version. I have never done this before, but why not right? It's just me, sharing something I love with you guys. As usual. X.


Live update.

Today is the seventh day of my internship. Currently doing my internship at a public relations firm in Damansara.

When i was still studying in my university days, any emails sent out to my classmates or groupmates were titled or embedded with something purely irrelevant to the documents-- say, like a movie reference, lyrics. For example:

Subject : Teh O Ais satu Body   : Kurang manis

Subject : So tell me Body   : Do you bleed?

Subject : Do you like jazz? Body    : I hate jazz.

So this occurred every single time. To and fro.

And this habit, ladies and gentlemen, have finally bit me right in the buttocks.
Despite me sitting right across my colleague and just saying "Okay, i'll email you right now.", what i would usually do is just send the bloody document: whip up some stupid quote, then baam. Sent. But being in a professional environment, every single email needs to have a subject and body. Gahhh! This is so time consuming. Requires so much more thinking than i th…