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Carpe Diem

There’s something about writing that is very comforting to me. Writing, especially on this blog, just feels like… home. It just feels right, you know? I know, it’s such an irony to say so since I rarely post anything anymore, but *sigh* I miss this blog. I just missed this so much. Sometimes I feel compelled to write again, but when I write, that is when I truly express anything.
I like to lepak with my friends. It is a rare occasion when I decline when someone asks me to go lepak. When lepak, we talk about many kinds of topics. However, you do know what I mean when I say "You don’t talk about certain stuff with certain people", right? For example, with certain friends, you talk about how your day went, but you don’t talk about history. With this other friend, you discuss about intellectual stuff, but you don’t talk about personal issues. You get what I mean, right? You’re smart.
But with this blog, I feel like I can talk about anything. Anything at all. No boundaries, no li…