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Hello, folks. 
I am currently taking my long-awaited break and i'm having a blast. True, life has not been productive, but i'm having an amazing time. By 'amazing time', i do not refer to travelling or partying, but doing what i love the most: making time for my friends, chilling at home and being with my family. 
I'm catching up with my long-lost friends and listening to their stories make me feel "God, i'm missing so much in life!". As we all studied at different universities and countries, there are plenty of stories to share. Hanging out on a daily basis carries a stigma in the society because girls aren't suppose to go out every night. But what most people don't see is that i'm learning and exposing myself to new things and perspectives of life. I'm no longer trapped in the same circle of friends and succumbing to the same school of thought. Instead, i'm comprehending fresh new insights that are able to change how i see things. 
I don't want to jinx it by saying it too soon, but i love how i'm getting my shit together.
Job I am leaving a job that pays me well for a volunteering opportunity that pays, well, zilch. But it is way more relevant to my interest and passion. It's a volunteering project that will end in November and till i find another job, i will have no source of income. 
Is it wrong for me to say that earning money is not my top priority at the moment? I know it is unfair to my parents to be financially supporting me when i am old enough to be supporting myself and for that, i feel bad. At this stage, my experience means the world to me. I've not been living my life to the fullest and i have not been exposed to many things. When i am given an opportunity to be volunteering for an event as mega as this, i would be crazy to turn it down.
I feel sorry that my parents still have to support me for at least a few months. I really am. But I promise i will be supporting them when the time …

I'll Be Back

I have lost my touch and contents to write.
I'm deeply saddened by this myself. I hate how i have nothing to blog about.
Give me a moment ya? I'll be back with more contents, i promise.
Don't forget me.

How I Don't Have Enough Pictures with People I Care About.

I tweeted earlier saying that the closer i am to some people, the lesser pictures i have with them.
This is very true. I had a sudden urge last night to do dedication posts for some of the closest people to me, that i have kept from the world. I felt like "Hey, my readers barely know these people and how much they mean to me. So why not telling them?" So i went through my Google Photos to look for some pictures to complement my posts. That's when i noticed that i barely had any photos of us together. 
Most of them are just pictures or videos that i took of them alone, without me in the photo.
That's when i realised that all this while, i have truly enjoyed their company and they don't make me want to take out my phone at all when they are around. I would rather listen to them talk than playing with my phone when they're around.
Secondly, most of them are not vain / ootd / selfie freaks. They would rather live in the moment than indulge themselves with vanity…


You know. At some point in life, you will feel really low, like you're sinking. And when you go out to see your friends, the happiness just illuminates your despair. But when your friends leave, your world is all gloomy again.
Suddenly, you talk or get a text/tweet from this person. The person whom genuinely wants what's best for you; the person whom you think could understand you-- you just break down in tears. You just want to cry your heart out because you know they're listening. They will stay for you till the end of time. And they genuinely want the best for you. 
Having a friend like this; i feel like she's a godsend. Having two or more? What have i ever done to be blessed with saints like this. I cannot be grateful enough to Him. If you can't relate to this, open your eyes. There are people who truly care and want the best for you. May you experience that blessing as well. 
Yesterday, a friend that i look up so dearly made me all teary. And today, i got a sur…

People-watching : The Honest Juice Guy

I was sitting at my usual seat at Grand Hyatt's JP Teres. 
A person caught my eye. I don't know if it was a man or a woman (let's just assume it's a he), his body was blocked with the fruit chiller. I could only see his hands up to his forearms as he was washing a bottle.
He was washing a bottle, the kind that you keep sauces or mayonnaise. He scrubbed the bottle so vigorously and thoroughly with generous amount of soap. He even poured in the soap water in, shook it and rinsed it vigorously. I saw him turning off the tap and checked if the bottle was properly cleaned. I could see him bringing the bottle closer to his nose, probably trying to sniff if it stinks. 
He probably thought "Nope." and he washed it again. More soap, more water. Till he was done. 
He checked the bottle again. "Nope." and he cleaned the bottle again. And again. And again.
And it struck me how honest this man is. No one was even watching him (he couldn't see me, i assume).…

Something Borrowed.

You were my listener. You were my partner. You put me at ease. You caused the twinkle in my eyes. You drew the smile on my face. You caused the butterflies in my stomach. You completed me.  But it's heart-breaking to accept that you're that something borrowed.

Facing Adulthood.

It feels weird to be an adult.
I (obviously) get more money than i used to per month, but i have no time to spend it. I can no longer go out at night and talk in the car till dawn because i have to work in the morning. I used to hate staying at home but these days, being able to get home early seems like a blessing.My brain works a lot better at night, hence the sleepless nights back then. But now, whether i like it or not, i have to force myself to work during the day.I used to be able to go to gigs whenever i wanted to, but now i have to consider if i could make it after work; if i would be tired the next day.I used to like eating out alone, but now i just wanna eat at home.I used to talk on the phone for hours before i sleep, but i can't anymore because we both have to work tomorrow.  I'm slowly adjusting. I'm going to need some time, but i'm slowly getting there. And once i have gotten the pace, i'll be invincible. Pray for me.

The ugly truth of changing to the 'better'

To consider changing, that's easy.
To set your mind about changing, that's easy.
To initiate change, that's interesting.
To commit to it? Now that's a challenge.
Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I'm sure that there are times when you look back, you would feel like you're a horrible person. You want to change for the better. So you prepare yourself mentally and you tell yourself that you'll commit to this change. You want to do good and you want to be a better person for your future. You need to truly fix yourself first before you even start fixing others. You wish to be able to preach and bring others to the right path as well. 
That's a great thought. We should all do our parts and make this world a better place again.
However, things don't always go out the way we plan. The lucky ones who truly commit to their plan and with the help from God Almighty, they make it. They truly change and genuinely pray for the world to be a better place. They look at th…
I find it hard to remember names. I find it hard to remember faces. I get called 'sombong' quite frequently, i must say, but i frankly understand why. But one uncommon thing that i can easily remember is how a person texts or types. To me, everyone types a certain unique way (at times, even more unique than how a person looks like tbh). Which brings to a set of questions that i always wonder: Why does a person like to use dots (period) a lot? Eg: "hello there.. how are you..?"Why does a person not mind making typos? Why isn't correcting typos a priority?When texting, why do some people like to send one sentence at a time? Why do some people like to send in paragraphs? Why do some people like to end conversations with 'okay' and why do some people use blue tick as a sign of 'understood'?Why does a person like to say 'like' a lot? There has to be a definite explanation to these.

Bali 2017


I'm not ready for this bullshit.

Get ready for me to fucking rant.
If you didn't know, i've already started working. At a really reputable company as a marketing communications executive. Today is my fifth day working here and i stand firm with what i felt on my first day here: I don't want to be here.
It's not about the system or the organization, it's just me. I'm not ready to fucking work, okay. I've studied non-stop since 2012; i have a diploma and a degree; i got 8 out of 9 Dean's List Awards; I worked my ass off at the advertising/public relations agency where i was doing my internship at, and i deserve a break. I haven't even gotten the time to actually sit at home and sleep. I haven't even spent time with Emma. I need to fucking relax.
My internship ended 3 days before raya. Raya was tiring as usual because my relatives came over. Third day of raya, I left for Bali (which was not pleasant and tiring!). Two days later, i had to do my final presentation.The following day…

Finally. Done and dusted.

Today is the 22nd of June 2017.
Today marks my final day interning at this agency. Some part of me feel happy and excited that i'm graduating soon. Some part of me feel sad and refuse to leave because i feel like i have finally clicked with the people here. 
This, i promise you, that my days onwards would be so different that i don't get to see them everyday. I love the people that i'm surrounded with. They're genuinely very nice and they do not make me feel like i'm working. They make me feel like what an intern should feel like : like i'm learning something new instead of providing them cheap labour.
This place has taught me so much and i'm forever grateful that i had chosen this place over other offers. Thank you for teaching me so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do as much as i could. Thank you for believing in me. I truly am going to miss this family.
With that, this also means that i have reached the end of my degree. This is it, guy…

Childhood Questions: Answered! (Part 1)

When i was a child, i had a bunch of question in my head. Whenever i asked an adult, they went "You'll know it later when you grow up". I always got so upset whenever someone replied me that way. Like, Yo, you want me to learn but whenever i ask, you never tell! How leh?!

So i'm introducing this series of Childhood Questions: Answered! to share with all of you, my curiosity and questions when i was-- well-- naive. Thankfully, i still remember some of the many questions that i had when i was a child.
Question : Why are leaders of the world so wasteful of gasoline and take different flights though they are heading to the same direction?

When i was 11, i had to learn Kajian Tempatan, which revolves around our local history, general knowledge, yada yada yada. So one day, i was introduced to the refinery process of oil. So from what i learned, through the refinery process, you will get gasoline, kerosene, tar, petrol (for cars) , diesel, etc. From the diagram, i have learn…

Happy birthday, best friend

Hey. Can you believe it that we have known each other for almost a decade now? I guess it is accurate to say that we grew up together. I have seen how much you have grown and you have seen how much i have grown. You have seen me laugh like a witch and cry macam orang mati anak. Ye, buruk. And i have seen you cry like a girl and fall on your butt. Lagi buruk.
As cliche as it may sound, we overcame so many hurdles together. Looking back, we were so young and naive. It is quite amazing that we managed to go through shitload amount of obstacles together. You have seen me being a bitch but you stick with me anyway. I have seen you being a dick but hey, here we are, almost a decade later and still standing strong. Although we don't talk to each other as frequently and we rarely meet, you should know that i'll always be here nonetheless. I want you to remember that.
Things have changed. Regardless of how different we are now, i'm honoured to know that i have witnessed you at yo…

Gotta love this cashless life

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't referring to me being broke (though i'm on the verge of being one). What i meant was that i love how i don't really have to carry physical cash with me anymore.
You notice how every single bank is forcing you into changing your cards to debit card, Paywave, Samsung Pay, etc.? Oh i love it! It actually makes every transaction-- be it buying McDonald's, buying tidbits from MyNews.Com, or toiletries from Watson's-- so smooth and fast!
Within the past few weeks, i only withdrew my money several times and till date, i still have cash in my purse. Yes, it is absurd to not be carrying cash with you. You can't be buying pisang goreng, mee goreng kawah at the bazar and yong tau foo with your plastics now, can you? (If you can, it'd be super awesome). So i only bring my cash with me for those purposes.
I started using Maybank's Paywave a few weeks back and i'm loving it! Tap. "Okay thank you, come again!" Fuhhhhh da…

Wonder Woman (2017) : Review (Spoiler Free!)

Good day, ladies and gentlemen.
It is currently 5.54pm of June 1st, 2017. And according to the posters of Wonder Woman all over Malaysia, today is the general showing of Wonder Woman (2017)! Woohoo! Are you guys excited?!
But it's no surprise that i have watched it already. Kehkeh. Growing up and believing in my superheroes, i always feel the need to be amongst the very first bunch who get to watch my heroes in action. 
Moving on.
 I watched it last night at GSC Pavilion. As opposed to the previous DC movie premieres, the first showings of  DC movies were always at night (around 9-ish) and given the biggest halls, with Atmos and D-Box for best movie experience. But since it is currently the first two weeks of Pirates of the Caribbeans' release, most of the Atmos and D-Box halls were occupied by POTC. So for the first time in a long time, i had to take a regular seat for my DC movie premiere.  Wonder Woman, a courageous, just and powerful Princess of Themyscira who came to our…
I wanted to write a lengthy post but i'm out of ideas so here are some life updates!

I am already counting down to my last day of internship. I have 5 more weeks to go! (Yayy!)I am still figuring out on what to do after internship. I am thinking on doing something that involves international relations, diplomatic efforts or UNHCR, but who would hire me? (Email me if you know of any relevant job vacancies : Email me, i'm desperate.)The condition of the refugees in Malaysia is extremely concerning, so if you have free time and bricks of cash under your pillow, give them away.General Election is around the corner. I don't even have a political stance yet. Help. I'm becoming a shopaholic. And i am in no position to be one considering my monthly allowance is far from a 4-figure. I'm broke. (Email me if you know of any job opportunities. Preferably a short-term, project-based or contract based.)If my 'international mission' fails, i might…

Coldplay Singapore 2017; Yes i went!

I was one of those who waited in front of my laptop hours prior to the opening of the ticketing sale of Coldplay Singapore. The sale opened at 10am and I had class at that time. I picked Coldplay over my class. Skipped class but sadly, I still didn't get my ticket. If you didn't try to buy the tickets online like me, let me tell you how the process went.

Basically you have to wait on the page that has the button 'BUY TICKETS'. If the sale isn't opened yet, you'll be notified that the tickets are not available yet. If you're lucky, you'll be directed to the page that has the seating plan. If you're unlucky (like me), you'll be redirected to the 'virtual room' 'Virtual room' is basically a virtual waiting room where they put thousands of people in that room before allowing them to access the seating plan page.

If you're in the virtual room, you know that you're fucked. You know that you won't even stand a chance. Say …

I'm going on TV tomorrow!

Yes, you read that right.

For my past events, I tried my best to not get myself interviewed. Even when I was arranging for media coverage for my events, I always tried my hardest to let someone else be interviewed. Because I had a feeling that I would suck big time and I would talk too fast.

But this time around, I am going on TV. LIVE. And this time around, I won't be representing any firms or events, but me, myself and I. Me. Hell, it's nerve-wrecking. As I'm typing this, my hands are literally shaking. I feel like my heart is falling out of my chest. I really do.

Moreover, the theme of the episode is near-death experience, so you can figure out what i'll be talking about, ya? Yes, it's a really personal incident for me. But I think this is a great platform for me to boost my self-esteem and actually have my first interview experience. Plus, the show is at noon on Astro Ria, so I assume there won't be that many people watching.

Drop a comment and show me som…

For the love of a fellow humanbeing.

If i were in their position, i'd die. If you were in their position, you'd probably die too. If you have the time, I urge and plead you to read this. A heart-wrenching culture that you never knew still exists till today. Beyond our self-centered nations fighting for more lenient internet censorships and more concerts, there are thousands of innocent, na├»ve females younger than you who face life-and-death situations every single day of their lives. They are physically beaten up, raped and held at gunpoint literally every single day. And that's a norm on that side of the globe.  
I have come across this article days ago. Following that read, I have read dozens of other non-related articles. But none of those affect me quite like this one. No article has ever put me awake in the middle of the night, crying over something so out of reach from me. But this.
Going through the newspapers everyday has been my job for over a month now. I come across different kinds of complaints …


I’m so tired of studying. I really am. Three years of diploma in Lendu, (soon-to-be) 2 years of degree in Shah Alam. That’s five freaking years, man. I don’t even know how people can study non-stop till PhD. That’s insane.

Three more months of internship and I’m done! In conjunction with our completion of degree, my university friends and I have decided to go on a trip! Well, two trips, to be honest. Pre-convocation : domestic trip and post-convocation : international!

Being students, we’re almost always broke. Always broke. You get me right? So I recently took the time and searched for the cheapest flights and hotels in the Southeast Asia Region, and I stumbled upon this Traveloka website. I occasionally go to travel websites to look for deals but most of the time, I’ll be agitated because the websites are not user-friendly and they are so tough to navigate around. Then I found out that they have an app too. So I gave it a shot.

And frankly speaking, this app is quite user-friendly …