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I used to be so passionate about education and my studies. Whenever i studied, my main goal is to get educated and never to get the Dean's List. Never.
It's funny how things have changed so drastically that right now, i'm counting days till the end of my degree. Can't wait for this to end. Whatever i do; assignments, tests, projects are all accompanied by this little voice in my head "Come on, Na. Just get this done and over with ffs" 
I'm tired. I'm really tired. My father is so eager and willing to send me abroad to do my Masters, but sorry to disappoint, Pa. But i'm really tired. My brain is drained. My passion is out the window. I just wanna jump into adulthood and work my ass off. 
I don't think i was ever meant to be an academician. Remember how back in secondary school, i brought my laptop and DSLR instead of books? I just wanna work so help me Lord. 
Rant over.
On a side note, i'm going to Sabah on Thursday morning with my classma…