Get Selfish!

You know why we should never do things for people? Because at the end of the day, people will get selfish. They will make you do things for them, but they'll never do things for you.

Take my story as an example. I have made a shitload of sacrifices for people. I had so many opportunities ahead of me. My future was bright. But because some people that i care about talked me into why i shouldn't take the offers, i listened to them. "You're right". At the end of the day, i'm suffering in this shithole. I regret those choices that i made. I regret not getting better things i deserve. I know i deserve better. And now, i'm left alone. Because the people that i listened to are leaving me alone in this shithole. Gone are the 'We're in this together' days. Gone. Like those promises were never made. Can't believe i succumbed to your pleads, to your dramas.

"Are you leaving?! What about me?!"

Oh fuck you. Never thought i'd be that stupid to listen to you. Fuck those choices that i made. Fuck being caring. I'm done. 


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