Future is so damn near.

I have reached that age when i start worrying about my future. I constantly think about my future. I am about to finish my degree in a year, am i ready to go to the outside world? Will i be able to support myself?

My parents have been supporting me all my life. I have asked my parents quite a number of times if i could work at retail stores and obviously, permission denied. Instead my father would make me do some things and pay me. So yeah, i have no working experience. The only working experiences that i have are when i was working for my father, my event volunteerings and UiTM events (but i highly doubt this counts). My academic performance is okay, i guess. But what about my skills? Are they well-polished? My people skills are still rusty, that's for sure! Oh no, i'm not ready for the outside world, am i?

My job. What kind of job can i get? With no experience? Good Lord. I just want to stop depending on my parents financially, man. They have already supported me for 22 years, they don't need another year. The time has come when i should start giving them some money pulak. I need to be able to feed myself too. I need to find my own place to stay with my own hard earned money, you get me? 

But at the same time, i want to get married at an early age jugak. Hahahaha. Jokes on me. I won't be able to earn that much to do all of these things in a couple of years. Marriage can wait. 


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