I see that Caucasian guy walking down the escalator.
I see that woman standing at the corner and looking blankly at the passersby.
I see a group of Malay guys in their sarongs running towards the mosque.
And at the same time, I see another Malay guy walking while texting towards the mosque.
I also see this couple walking down the ramp; the lady is holding the guy's hand firmly while the guy is looking sideways, pulling a face and walking at a faster pace than the woman.
Oh, there's also a man pushing the stroller up the escalator instead of taking the elevator.
It's Friday noon and everyone is rushing, regardless of their races
Where are they heading to? 

Do you remember the last time you felt that rush in your head?
The last time you wished that everyone could move just a tad bit faster.

Oh, i remember when i couldn't wait for the traffic light to turn green
I remember when i couldn't wait for Zuriani to publish a new post
I remember when i just wanted to say 'no' to my father every time he gives me a new errand before i leave to meet my friends.
I remember when i'm walking through a crowd of people and i just want to scream 'Move over, damn it!'
Oh, and when my lecturer refused to release our carry marks!

It's all a matter of priority and patience.


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