If, if la kan, you guys are free, and you have no one to lepak with, please do let me know.
So we can go lepak together. Because i'm free too.
And i wanna go out too. If you want to go to KL, leggo.
I can take the train and i can meet you there.
I'm so malas to drive, because the thing is,
I am broke to isi my minyak kereta.
My car is very interesting; it telan my minyak like how Instagram telan your mobile data.
So do you understand? I have money, but not enough money to isi minyak and pergi balik KL few times in a week.
Like hello, if i were rich, i would have repainted the car, get a new radio,
fix the doorhandle, but i'm not, Megat. I'm not.
If i had more money, i would have spent it on you.
So don't you worry.

Yes, my car's name is Megat. My laptop is Jebat. Cool kan?


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