That super long post by Rina

Assalamualaikum, guys. I have a pretty serious announcement to make. Bear with me.

If you know me pretty well, then you should know that I do not like studying in UiTM for degree. Shah Alam's ambience is just, it's not welcoming for me. I don't find it comfortable. I have mentioned this way at the beginning of the semester and hey, I've finished the semester! My results will be out in about 20 days.

If you have heard me complaining about Shah Alam before; I wasn't kidding, guys. I certainly am not the type of person who whines, so when I point out something, it means that i'm really bugged. So I voiced out my uneasiness to my family. I, in a way, asked them if I can leave UiTM and surprisingly, they are fine with it. My brother was tremendously shocked though, because everything seemed fine.

I can't deny that I am having trouble adapting with my current peers. I truly, deeply miss my diploma friends. I miss our usual breakfast get-together every week, I miss our random trips to Bandar Melaka, I miss our lepak session every single night. I am having a hard time to accept that they are irreplaceable. Sadly, most of us are not even close anymore. We barely talk, we barely make fun of each other, and boy, we barely see each other. It's almost impossible for us all to sit at a table at once these days. Comparing them to my current peers, ugh i don't know, man. We don't even have the same sense of humour, we laugh at totally different things. They are super competitive and to top it all of, most of them talk shit about each other behind each other's back, yet still putting on their naïve, friendly façade. Now, that is something that i'm not used to. I would rather be seen as a snobbish spoilt brat than being that bogus. But that's my personal problem. I'm guessing they don't have trouble adapting as much as I do.

Friends aside, when I finished my diploma, I always pictured that my degree would be better. I always pictured that my degree's environment would be different. Like I said in my previous posts: I wanna walk on a different path, I wanna breathe different air. But the reality(in Shah Alam) barely meets my expectation. Man, I have went through three years of UiTM, when I had the opportunity to go to other universities of my choice. But I sucked it up and I graduated anyway. So when I enrolled at Shah Alam, to go through more years of the same kind of thing, I get bored. I really am bored. So to conclude everything: I am not happy. And I am considering on quitting UiTM. No, i'm not gonna ditch my studies, are you crazy? Education is my passion. I might do my undergraduate at some private universities or get a scholarship and go abroad. Still yet to be decided.

I'm still on the fence. It's a 50-50. My father is being supportive of whatever my choice is and I have to choose from an 'array' of tertiary institutions. However, when I went to seek further advice from my deputy dean two days ago, she did emphasize on some things that make me want to stay and finish my studies here. Things are not getting any easier, huh?

It's gonna be a brain-cracking semester break. Pray for the best.

Ps: Thank you for sticking with me. You don't know how much I appreciate each and every one of you.


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