Another Appreciation Post

Other than God Almighty, there will be another person that you turn to in case of any mishaps in your life. I'm sure you do.

He or she is that one person in life that heavily affects you. For example, if your best friend suggests you to do something, you would consider and contemplate for at least 7 times. But if it is this particular human being, you wouldn't even need to consider anything. You would just be "You know what, you're right. I'll do exactly that." This person doesn't even have to be a best friend. He can be just another entity that has magic at his fingertips and changes your entire way of thinking. And you know that he is damn wise and rational about things.

This person can be your mother, your father, your neighbour, your teacher, your boyfriend; anyone. 

When i was 14, i didn't even know i would feel these kind of things. Heck, i didn't even believe in love. Everything i saw on TV, movies, was all fictional to me. Pure source of entertainment. I didn't know i could feel. (That explains why the lack of empathy in me, the reason why i don't 'melt' whenever i see cats, why i don't yawn whenever other people yawn)

Despite the lack of empathy or emotions in me, i guess some things changed over the years. I can't describe using the accurate term, i don't even know what i'm feeling. But this bond i have with this person means so much to me, that i truly can't imagine what i'd do without her. I will not let her go. Nor will i take her for granted.


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