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The Jogja trip was amazing. The timing was just perfect. Moreover, i went there with my family and Ayeen (my partner in crime), and we didn't sign up for any tour group, nor did we plan anything beforehand, so last minute plans are always the best plans right?
Well, our primary goal to go to Jogja was actually to observe the filming of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

And we did. Their system, the equipments, the work flow are very different from the ones that i know in Malaysia. They take the quality of their movie so bloody seriously. It's not that Malaysia's film makers do not care about the quality of the movie, it's just that we could feel the intensity when we followed this filming. The cinematography of the movie: urghh, magnificent. We got to tag along with the team because of the director of cinematography that my mother knows personally. And frankly, we learned from the best. Quoting an actress who is playing a new role in the movie (yes, i'm trying not to spoil or leak anything), "There is no one better to learn cinematography from than Pak Yadi". Which is very accurate. 

We were not allowed to capture any pictures on set, so if you were hoping to see pictures on set of AADC2, or Nicholas Saputra or Dian Sastro; i'm sorry i let you down. But i can guarantee you that the movie which will be released in April 2016, will be great. 

Moving on with the trip.

Secondary goal: To take victorious pictures for our convocation.

Yes, we brought our graduation robes and mortar board across the country too. How much was the penalty, you may ask? You don't want to know. If you want to see the pictures, please scroll down and see my previous post. 

Other goal: Sightseeing la wei apa lagi

Since the city's 6pm is like Malaysia's 9pm, Ayeen and I kept going out at night. Just the two of us. My sister tagged along several times and my mom mostly stayed indoors at night. The hotel that we stayed in was situated in the middle of the main area. So Ayeen and I would usually walk or get a trishaw to take us places. We even made a deal with the pakcik beca to take us around, take us shopping and whatnot. And the fare was so cheap oh my God! A trip on the trishaw only costed us about RM5. Kalau kat Malaysia, mau kena ketuk RM35. Expenditure wise, Jogja was remarkably cheap as compared to Jakarta and Bandung. Hello, the mineral water there costs less than RM1 a bottle. Kalau kat Malaysia RM1 kadang-kadang je dapat tau. From the hotel to food, transportation fare and everything, everything was cheap. Except for the hipster cafes. I don't get it why all hipster cafes have to be pricey. You give me a handful of skinny fries on a wooden chopping board for Rp16,000, i should at least be able to take the chopping board back home.

Anyway, Ayeen and I each spent lesser than RM500 for the entire trip (excluding the flight tickets).

If you ever wanna go to Jogjakarta, please let me know. I wanna tag along, BECAUSE EVERYTHING'S SO CHEAP!


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