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Pink Sash :*

It's been awhile no? I kid you not when i said degree is tough. It is bloody tough. Assignment upon assignment, killer subjects-- honestly speaking, i don't know if i can make it for another year and a half. My course is ripping my body apart. 
Sigh. The reason i'm writing is because i have stories to tell y'all so bare with me, fam.
My diploma convocation was last week and i had that pink sash across my body *yayy!*. It felt, really good, fam. Like that sash belonged on my body. I was over the moon. But it kinda sucky tho that we (ANC recipients) had to return the sash 10 minutes after the ceremony. Hence, you don't see that many pictures of me wearing the sash. Mana sempat nak ambik gambar :(
My whole family came. Zu, Nina, Nik and Hana came to Lendu all the way from Seremban too. 

Also, yesterday (November 15th, 2015) The Star wrote an article on me. It was published under the education section. If y'all still got yesterday's paper at home, go through i…