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Despite everything, i still consider you one of the closest to me. And to find out news about you from someone else's mouth is just ..... depressing.

My back hurts from the sleepless nights.

Hi guys. 
It's been nearly three weeks and five months since i got into degree. In Shah Alam (thankfully). 
I never thought degree would be like this. Well i kinda predicted the seriousness and the killer subjects, but boy, it's tough. So far i had considered on taking the form to quit this course twice, but i kept reminding myself of why i picked this course in the first place.
Frankly, i barely have time for entertainment. No time for Bones, no time for karaoke-- nothing. I'm taking nine subjects this semester, 10 classes per week and i have homework/assignments to submit almost every single day. Sleeping at 1am is considered early for me.
As we speak, i'm making some time for myself despite my assignments that are due tomorrow because i do not want to abandon this blog. Penat la. I'm really tired. Diploma days are very different from degree. Back then, you get to go into class, laugh off, enjoy the subject and leave. At night, you go makan or lepak. These days,…