Hope and Expectations.

Hello, everyone. I know that i haven't written anything fresh for quite some time now. My fingers aren't running as swiftly as it used to be on the keyboard. But may i share with you just a little piece of mind.

'Hope and expectations' in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Humans are not mind readers. Till date, there is no scientific explanation or evidence that supports telepathy.

Hence, why do most people keep 'dropping hints' and hoping for another person to do something without clearly telling them to do so? Do you get what i'm trying to say? Let me make myself clear. Say, you want the salad that is placed on the other end of the table. But you refuse to say it out loud and you keep hoping that it will be magically transferred to your end of the table. Newsflash: it's not going to happen. If you want something; say it. If you want something; do something about it. 

In the context of interpersonal relationships, say, a couple just broke up. Quietly, these two human beings strongly believe in the phrase "If you love something, let it go. If it's meant to be yours, it will come back to you." If they individually believe this phrase, then who's going to fight for the relationship? Who? The day they are on their deathbeds, they are still going to be single.

Another scenario: Say this girl is trying to play hard to get and a boy is trying so hard to get her. This boy (not blessed with telepathy) bugs her day by day, trying to get her attention. That being so, he hopes and expects the girl to appreciate his efforts and eventually accept him. But those are his expectations, sport. Reality:
  1. Too little effort = Playboy = Reject
  2. Too much effort = Desperado = Reject
  3. Good effort = Let's get married
The fact that people's expectations vary from one another makes it extremely hard to practice mind reading in interpersonal communications. That being so and the lesson to be learned: do not keep your hopes up and do not expect too much from people. I cannot read minds and you can't too. So unless you be vocal about your wants and your needs, no one's gonna know. 

Apa la aku merepek tengah malam ni kan?
Good night, guys.


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