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Kalau korang google masscomm uitm lendu sebab korang cuak nak masuk diploma and stumbled upon this blog, hey welcome aboard!

Sebelum aku apply or enroll dalam apa2 course, aku biasanya buat research dulu. Baca artikel, baca blog. Baru tau apa yang you're getting yourself into.

So i've just graduated from UiTM Lendu or UiTM Melaka with Diploma in Mass Communication. Or masscomm. Or mass comm. Nak melayu sikit, meskom. Since aku dah habis belajar, dah kira eligible la kan untuk tulis full summary of the course? Ni je lah cara untuk aku nak bagi balik dekat bloggers yg dah banyak tolong aku selama ni.

Masa time aku belajar, 3 tahun = 6 semester. Tapi sekarang diorang dah revise the syllabus and dah cramp into 5 semesters. But i'll be talking from what i experienced lah eh.

Aku rasa all-rounded jugak ah. Masa sem 1-3 tu, aku admit aku macam frustrated jugak ah sebab syllabus tak mencabar. Masa sem 1 ada public speaking dengan introduction to mass media. Sem 2 ada wri…

Social Experiment

Hi, guys. Just a quick word. If you love youtube and you spend so much time at home as much as i do, be sure to watch the right videos. Days ago, i had been going on YouTube watching episode after episode of Kitchen Nightmares. However, just a while a ago, i discovered videos of social experiments and how the public responds to different circumstances.

We read things in the paper and i've written posts upon posts of how hideous the world. But the thing is, from my opinion, my surrounding is still quite safe and the things that we read in the paper do not occur within our vicinity.

 If you feel like you're as oblivious to your surrounding as much as i do, just go search 'social experiments' and have your mind blown.

Here are some videos if you don't know where to start:

Hope and Expectations.

Hello, everyone. I know that i haven't written anything fresh for quite some time now. My fingers aren't running as swiftly as it used to be on the keyboard. But may i share with you just a little piece of mind.

'Hope and expectations' in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Humans are not mind readers. Till date, there is no scientific explanation or evidence that supports telepathy.

Hence, why do most people keep 'dropping hints' and hoping for another person to do something without clearly telling them to do so? Do you get what i'm trying to say? Let me make myself clear. Say, you want the salad that is placed on the other end of the table. But you refuse to say it out loud and you keep hoping that it will be magically transferred to your end of the table. Newsflash: it's not going to happen. If you want something; say it. If you want something; do something about it.

In the context of interpersonal relationships, say, a couple just broke up. …